Love Needs

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By RIck Ezell Love needs to be more than warm, glowing emotions. The cold Mondays of daily living will quickly chill that kind of love. In our culture love is at best a little more than syrupy romanticism, and at worst just another four-letter word. Part of the problem is that today love can mean anything, nothing, and everything all … Read More

One Thing That Will Ignite Your Church

Love2020Coaching Corner

Everywhere church consultants and researchers are advocating ways to grow, change, and move the church forward. “Follow These 3 Principles” “4 Actions for Growth” “5 Steps to Change” In addition, products are offered, seminars are touted, consultation is pitched. Everyone recognizes a problem and promises a solution. What if there is something more foundational and fundamental, than what is being … Read More

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Church

Love2020Coaching Corner

Several weeks ago, we provided a simple answer to a difficult question – “Are You a Disciple?  A Surefire Litmus Test”.  Disciples of Jesus Christ assume His attributes, and foremost among those is that of a humble servant.  In 2017, we all have a fresh opportunity to show we truly are Jesus’ disciples.  One of the most important ways we … Read More

Do We Treat Salvation Now As An Event Too?

Love2020Coaching Corner

The U.S. comprises around 5% of the world’s population but consumes roughly 33% of its goods and services.  To accommodate our consumer culture, pastors have devised 3 types of events to provide a more convenient, engaging church experience: Church as an Event – Once the weekend’s services are over, most members do little evangelism between Sundays (besides possibly inviting a … Read More

When Did Church Become An Event?

Love2020Coaching Corner

No pastor sets out to make a church primarily about its weekend services.  Seminary students envision impacting a community mightily for Christ, something putting on a worship event every Sunday alone could never accomplish.  They understand that occasional outreaches or service events during the holiday season won’t transform a community either.  Church planters and new pastors realize that attaining such … Read More

Happy New Year

Love2020Coaching Corner, Love Is A Verb

Happy New Year, Neighbors! I pray that you had a wonderful Christmas; that your home was filled with friends and family and that you took the opportunity of the season to share the love and message of Jesus with your “neighbors.”  The cultural calendar holiday makes it an easy conversation – asking people how they celebrate and worship throughout the … Read More