Be Missionaries Cleverly Disguised as Good Neighbors


Be Missionaries Cleverly Disguised as Good Neighbors One of the primary roles of pastors is to develop a mindset in the people God has entrusted to them to be missionaries cleverly disguised as good neighbors. When I think about the word incarnation, I remember back to learning about chile con carne in ninth-grade Spanish class—chili with meat. The incarnation was … Read More

Next Door As It Is In Heaven

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A interview with the authors of Next Door As It Is In Heaven:  Living out God’s Kingdom In Your Neighborhood.   Phil Miglioratti ~ What prompted you to partner together to write this book?  Lance Ford ~ In our work with pastors as well as church members over the last several years, it has become increasingly evident that most Christians … Read More

Let Love Rule: It Might Be Time for a Heart Check


by Phil Miglioratti   Whenever a particular colleague would call me on the phone, I would immediately freeze up. Our ministry was suffering from his seemingly self-serving decision-making and destructive actions. When confronted, he refused to repent or resign. Somehow I survived that situation. But when he called, more than a decade after he finally moved on, I hesitated to … Read More