National & Regional Mentoring

What began in the 1990's as Mission America facilitated City Impact Roundtables has since been joined by a number of national and regional ministries that are vision-casting, mentoring and resourcing citywide collaboration, not only across America, but around the world. Click here to peruse a listing of these ministries.

National Cityreachers Conference Call

As of January 2022, monthly calls are on hold as facilitator John Kieffer is beginning a sabbatical. If you are a cityreacher, please pray for whatever God has for monthly or periodic calls to encourage and assist cityreachers. Thanks!

INTRODUCING: Global City Leaders Call

In response to COVID-19 and in an effort to unify leaders around the world, MOVEMENT.ORG has accelerated its efforts to bring leaders together to collaborate, share best practices, and to pray for the people of our cities. In early April of 2020 we had our first Global Leader call; the result was inspiring, encouraging, humbling, and stirring. If you are a leader in your city and want to be connected with leaders from around the world then join us for our next Global Leader Call. CLICK HERE to register.

Identifying Collaboration Across America
  • Click here to find Neil Cox's wiki that includes US city pages (The majority await updating)State Representatives
  • Click here to find LOVE2020's CCM State Representatives.
Recommended Resources
  • Click here to find a depth of assistance for initiating and maturing prayer-care-share collaborative ministry in your city.
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