The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful and mysterious ways when we pray for people. He convicts, woos, and draws people to Jesus. Every follower of Jesus has the opportunity to pray for others to receive Him and enter His family. Jesus asked the disciples to pray for workers to reach the harassed, helpless, and lost. Every one of us can do the same as we pray for others to hear the Good News and to come and follow Jesus.


“Love your neighbor as yourself,”  Jesus commanded. He personified this as He was moved with compassion and met the needs of people. Jesus said His true followers would be known by their lives of love. As we pray for those God has placed in and around our lives - friends, family, neighbors, work associates, school mates, and those we see often in the marketplace, He will show us Spirit-led ways to love and care for them.


Sharing the Gospel with others for whom we have been praying and caring can be as simple as inviting them to a church service, a home Bible study, a movie, a concert or any other event where the Gospelis being shared. Or, we may guide them to an evangelistic website, a book, a DVD or share our personal testimony or engage them in a spiritual conversation.


Let us connect you with other Christ-followers and ministries serving our nation as co-laborers in the Great Commission. Join us!

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Let us more intentionally share ideas, needs, and resources for advancing the Great Commission among our neighbors.

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Let us consider and share the most effective strategies for actionable progress forward. Our Lord yearns to transform each community.

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Let us celebrate so as to encourage one another for localized action in this joyfully collaborative journey together. You are not alone.

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