Calling artists (from all disciplines of the arts, media & entertainment) to re-engage The Church for God’s Glory and His global purposes in this generation

Calling The CHURCH to re-engage the artists, creatives and innovators for the sake of Christ’s global purposes The CHURCH in this generation

Assisting the current Church, Mission & Academic Leadership, helping reacquaint them to the reality that, for the Body of Christ to express itself fully in line with God’s design, we must re-involve the Church’s artists and creatives as strategic ministry practitioners of the Church in HER biblical mandates for global evangelization


Pray for Artist Advocates who see the need to affirm and involve the CREATIVES in the life and ministries of our churches, ministries and mission outreaches

Pray for church leaders to affirm the reality and importance of our ‘imaginal intelligence’ and how God designed ‘imagination’ to allow humans to touch HIS Transcendence, and the transcendent realities HE’s created in life and living

Pray for more artistically gifted Christians to recognize the essential role God’s designed them to play in leading people, communities and culture to touch the transcendent reality of God Himself; and the transcendent realities HE’s created in life and living.


Touching people through creatively curated contexts where they feel loved, affirmed and helped in the Name of Jesus

LISTEN for people’s needs and dreams while letting them know GOD CARES about them

ASSIST people to take a fresh look at the familiar (think creatively), helping energize them look to GOD for their provision and next steps

CURATE contexts of ‘community’ that are artistically filled with health, joy, beauty and delight


Expressing God’s Truth, Beauty and Goodness creatively in our communities and cultures

AFFIRM our network of family, friends, and colleagues through creative acts of love and service

RELATE God’s love and biblical realities to our family-friend networks in contexts filled with beauty and delight

EXPLAIN God’s love, virtue, and provision for us (through Christ) via transparent and authentic interaction