Orality Nexus: The Continuing and Growing Learning Journey in the Orality Movement

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By Jerry Wiles, North America Regional Director, International Orality Network, President Emeritus, Living Water International, Special to ASSIST News Service   HOUSTON, TX (ANS – June 2, 2017) — In a recent Orality Consultation and Advanced Training in East Africa, I was once again reminded of the power of networks and collaborative learning. The focus of this training was on … Read More

Connecting for Change: Worth & Value in the Kingdom of God

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HOUSTON, TX (ANS – September 8, 2016) — There is a lot of talk these days about inequality and the need for more fairness and equality. People often get the idea that their worth or value is based on their salary, possessions, title or position in an organization or society. However, God’s Kingdom principles are very different. Some of the … Read More