Avoid Summer-Faith-Drought Syndrome (SFDS)

David ImbodenInterview

Here’s our latest LOVE2020/Iwork4Him radio podcast! This month features LOVE2020 Director, Kathy Branzell in a conversation about Summer Faith Drought Syndrome and how to overcome it with a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle. Click here to listen now!

with Lynn Cory (Neighboring)


Phil ~ Tell us 3-4 things about your ministry life that will help us understand your passion to author this book. Lynn ~ My ministry life, as you term it, began well over forty years ago, when I was called to serve as the college pastor of a rapidly growing church in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. And … Read More

with Ralph Drollinger (Government)


What is an “affinity sphere?” Missisiologically, the term “People group” is used to define a group of people who share the same language.  My understanding of the term “affinity sphere” relates to people who share the same vocation.  Given the fact that we are attempting to reach those who work in government, the term “affinity sphere” is a more appropriate … Read More

with Timothy Eldred (Youth)


What is the youth in ministry “affinity sphere?” When it comes to spiritual formation of the next generations, the Church is struggling to know how to respond to their unique needs and challenges. We’re especially perplexed how to sync the models and methods of youth ministry from the recent past with the dreams and desires young people express today. This … Read More

with Chuck Klein (Youth)


What is an “affinity sphere?” Our affinity sphere is a coalition of ministries that focus on reaching out to secondary age students in America, middle school and high school.   What is the impact/potential/significance of this sphere across our culture? Teenagers represent the near future of our nation. Within 5-10 years they will be the entry workforce, the voters and … Read More

with Forrest Turpen (Education K-12)


1.     What is an Affinity Sphere? Let me give you several ideas of what we call an affinity sphere. Many of us have heard of the cultural mountains that explain the various influences that impact our lives. Several samples are government, art and entertainment, business, family, media, and religion. Education is our focus which is one of those spheres, that … Read More

with Ford Taylor (workplace)


Ford Taylor has a vision.  A big massive huge ginormous love-filled mission.  Ford wants to save the souls of 156 million people with an authentic touch of Jesus by the year 2020.  Huge, right?  And so awesome!  Ford breaks down his mission, called Love2020, from where it sprung to how it’ll be implemented and why this mission is so dear to … Read More