Try this 33 Word Prayer!

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Each time you pray in the coming week, begin by saying, “Lord, I want my prayer to be in the name of Jesus. Please let all I pray be motivated by Jesus, consistent with the heart of Jesus, and for … Read More

Your 1-1-1 Prayer

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In the coming month, try doing a 1-1-1 Prayer. This is something Lee Strobel taught at the Organic Outreach Conference we hold at Shoreline Church. The idea is simple. You pray for a person who is not yet a follower … Read More

As We Pray For Others

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As we pray for others, there are a number of important reminders the Bible gives us. These are some of the things we can miss if we are not attentive and sensitive to God’s direction as we pray. Here are … Read More

Pray With Eyes Wide Open

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When we pray with our life wide open, we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our behavior, change our direction, and shape our daily decisions. As we do this, opportunities to communicate with God come flooding in with surprising regularity. … Read More

Next Door As It Is In Heaven

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A interview with the authors of Next Door As It Is In Heaven:  Living out God’s Kingdom In Your Neighborhood.   Phil Miglioratti ~ What prompted you to partner together to write this book?  Lance Ford ~ In our work … Read More

Let Love Rule: It Might Be Time for a Heart Check


by Phil Miglioratti   Whenever a particular colleague would call me on the phone, I would immediately freeze up. Our ministry was suffering from his seemingly self-serving decision-making and destructive actions. When confronted, he refused to repent or resign. Somehow … Read More