The following are archived podcasts from years of monthly Loving Our Communities to Christ interviews with Q & A.

Currently these monthly calls are available as National Cityreachers Conference Calls.


April 18 "Special LOVE2020 Team Call"
Much deeper than our March 3rd call, LOVE2020 Director, Kathy Branzell and "40 Days of Love" Director, Chris Vanetti, provide an hour long call with a focus on the "40 Days of Love" - LOVE2020's collaboration project taking place from Sept. 19th - Oct 29th.
Listen in on:
• An inspiring description of how "40 Days of Love" impacted a city, their state, and even several nations across the globe!
• Action steps for churches and cities ready to equip for a prayer-care-share outreach.
• Q&A follows
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April 7 "Ed Stetzer unpacks Why You Must Reimagine Evangelism in Your City * in Your Church"
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March 3 "40 Day of Love: Congregational. Citywide. Catalytic"
President of Disciple Nations, Chris Vanetti, tells the amazing success stories of 40 Days of Love ~ A simple strategy to launch a Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle in every congregation & community, every sphere of influence, every ethnicity, every denomination & generation ... so that ... every person in your city will have repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Gospel.
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February 3 "Will Costly Love Save Your City?"
You may surmise that the topic of love has been over analyzed and too sentimentalized. Searching for the fuel to the prayer-care-share lifestyle you long to express more effectively? To John Armstrong of ACT3 Network, it is neither. In his soon-to-be-published book "Costly Love," he issues a daring challenge to not merely receive but to live out God's love in our 24/7 experience. Costly Love is a cry for the Church, all who know this love personally, to radically reset that love as the core apologetic to a culture adrift in search of truth. With biblical passion, John proposes his message as if the future of the Church depends upon it; he may be alarmingly prophetic.
Please note: Click here for a podcast of Phil Miglioratti's interview with John Armstrong on his book "Your Church Is Too Small" which focuses on the John 17 call for missional-ecumenism.
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December 9 "The Witness-life + Partnering with God to Love the World"
Lon Allison, an evangelist at congregational, denominational, and national levels, is radically convinced everyone can impact their world through a "witness--life" of "cooperating with God and others to lovingly bring people, one step at a time, closer to Christ." ... Every church, every city impact endeavor, every Gospel movement, has the same task: mobilizing myriads of intentionally-outward-focused Jesus followers. Lon unpacks, from his soon-to-be-published book (im)POSSIBLE, how we can assist those we serve to discover the joy of a  prayer, care, share life.
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November 4 "Movement Day Debrief & New Book Release: A Disruptive Gospel"
Ears to hear? Mac Pier debriefs Movement Day Global Cities 2016 ... 2800+ city-focused leaders from 89 nations, 22 interactive learning tracks, 17 additional meetings/convenes across the week  ... AND he introduces us to his just-released book: A Disruptive Gospel: Stories and Strategies for Transforming Your City
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October 7 "A City-Wide Prayer Strategy that is Working"
Whatcom County has been covered with night and day prayer for several years.  They have seen measurable results as a result of this prayer.  Others have become aware of the model the Lord has led them to use and it is being implemented in several cities in the USA and is being considered in several other cities in other nations. 
About Jason Hubbard: After studying Spiritual Theology, receiving his Master’s in Christian Studies at Regent College, and his DMin (Discipleship Track) at Talbot Seminary, Jason’s heart for prayer and other spiritual disciplines grew. Jason served for nine years as the Associate Pastor of Prayer at Christ the King Church (CTK) in Bellingham and in 2009, he resigned with a full blessing to become the President and Director of Light of the World Prayer Center.
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September 6 "Developing a Heart for Your City: Role of the Pastor in the City"
Three leaders (Vance Henry - Chicago Mayor's Office, Marcenia Richards - Fierce Women of Faith, Dr. John Fuder - Pray Chicago Urban Strategist) who are mobilizing the Body of Christ to respond to the shootings and violence in Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. Saturation prayer. City Hall access. A coalition of women. Urban professor. Faith-based liaison. Peace advocate.”
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August 12 - "The Role of the Pastor in the City"
How and why should the pastor of a local congregation care for the city?  Michael Douglass, Director/CEO of Advancing Vibrant Communities in Modesto, CA. has recently completed a major academic study on the topic of An Evaluation of the American Pastor's Role to Intentionally Pastor the City, to Better Influence the Culture and Effectively Present the Gospel.  Listen in as we talk through some principles that date back to Bakke and Perkins as well as ideas part of the “radical right now.”.
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July 8 - "Learning from/with International City Movements"
Both Mac Pier and Tom White have traveled to cities across the globe researching and coaching city movements; radically diverse settings and a variety of strategic approaches. Though Mac was not able to make the webcast due to jury duty, you can find key insights that he and Tom provided in the notes hyperlinked to here. Our interview with Tom focuses on what he and Mac are seeing trending across the international landscape and how US movements can become part of the global cities learning community.
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May 6 - "Staying Power: A conversation on sustainability in Christian leadership"
With guest speaker Ken L. Roberts, primary teaching pastor of New Life Community Church, Maple Grove, MN and author of Staying Power: 5 Core Ideas For Sustainability In Christian Ministry
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April 15 - "Insights from the Orlando Cityreaching Strategy"
With guest speaker George Cope, pastoral director of Vision Orlando.
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January 15 - "A Seattle Story: Discovering and Connecting Spiritual Leaders"
Chris Gough helps to rally the troops in a way that is relevant to the watching world, and life giving to the Church. He is the founder of the Light Up the City network, and works with over 25 networks of congregations in the Puget Sound region; groups like Pray Tukwila and Transform Burien. Learn more about this work at 
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No December call

November 20 - "What Happens to the Neighborhood When God is at the Center"
Listen in as Noel Castellanos, CEO of Christian Community Development Association and author of the newly released book 'Where the Cross Meets the Streets', shares insights and stories of how God is transforming lives and communities across the USA."
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October 8 - "Designing a State-Wide Strategy for Community Transformation"
John Kieffer, Wisconsin State Facilitator for MAC's City Community Ministries - and others who called in during the program - share the many great things that God has been doing through citywide collaborative efforts across Wisconsin. Very encouraging and a great model for other state-wide strategies to prayed for and walked out.
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September 9 - "From Spiritual Unity to Skilled Collaboration"
Paul Fleischmann, author of Better Together, shares critical insights into building authentic collaboration out of oneness and trust
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August 20 - "The Changing Face of Evangelism & The Well-Being of the City
Phil Miglioratti and Denis Fuqua interview Cru's Cities Director, Dave Robinson followed by Q&A
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July 9 - "Signs of Wonders in Branson: 100-Year Cityreaching Legacy"
Howard Boyd (pastor) and John Baltes (marketplace) combine 65 years of community-focused ministry in a region that has a legacy dating back over 100 years -- resulting in prayer saturation and community development initiatives!
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June 18 - "Praying for Schools - a Nationwide Movement"
Phil & Dennis interviewed guest, Mike Higgs. An excellent call with many callers contributing to the conversation with references to related prayer initiatives, networks and resources.
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May 21 - "Moving from Simple Cooperation to Building Collaboration"
Director of City Movements at Luis Palau Association, Jay Mark brings marketplace experience, with Intel in strategic planning, coalition building, impact assessment, and "knowledge capture" (now that sounds interesting!) to the work of cityreaching and stewarding gospel movements.
Audio no longer available.

April 19 - "Don't Forget the Gospel!"
Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Cedar answers the question: As we expand our understanding of the Great Commandment to include service, community development, redemptive justice, and civic and marketplace leaders, have we inadvertently sidelined the Gospel?
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March 21 - "In our serving, how do we make sure we include the Gospel?"
Multiple testimonies on how to include the Gospel within local service opportunities in our communities.
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February 19 - "The Impact of Going 'Full-Time' in Cityreaching"
Dennis Fuqua interviews Kevin Moore & Montie Ralstin about their recent transition into full-time cityreaching in Birmingham and Boise.
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January 15 - "Lessons, Trends and Insights @ the 15 Year Mark of the Pacific NW City Impact Roundtable"
Dennis Fuqua interviews Cindy Kirk, Montie Ralstin and Tom White
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December 18 - Three Streams~One Dream: Preparing for an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Upon Your City"
Hear from those who designed the recently concluded roundtable gathering of cityreachers, prayer leaders, and revival proponents for a national conversation on how their "stream" or movement can work better together with the other two.
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November 20 - David Drum ~ "God's work in Tucson, AZ, through the ministry of 4Tucson"
Dennis Fuqua interviews David Drum, the director of the "Church Domain." David is the author of 2013 book Jesus' Surprising Strategy which tells some of the Tucson story as well as what David has learned from the "surprising strategy" of walking in unity with other believers.
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October 9 - Robert Whitt & Joel Jara ~ "Lessons for the Church from Ferguson, MO"
Robert and Joel are ministers in the Greater Chicago area. Joel also serves as a cityreaching leader with Fox Valley Christian Action. This month's conversation deals with two questions:
1) Is the Church in your city or community prepared to respond to a crisis and speak with one voice? And, 2) What are the issues and questions that must be addressed to spark this process with both Christian and governmental/civic leadership?
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September 18 - Doug Small - Pres. & Founder of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY
Imagine ... a prayed-for city, with systematic prayer walks, strategic and missional prayer mapping, with tactical prayer deployment. Imagine city/county leaders prayed for, every school adopted for prayer, churches praying for smaller churches, suburban and inner city churches partnered in prayer. Imagine identified, trained and teamed, directed and debriefed intercessors, seamless, year-round, 24-7 prayer processes and a strategy to mobilize prayer in and for the whole community..
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August 21 - Lynn Cory - Author of The Neighborhood Initiative Interview
Neighborhood Initiative is for those who want to join a Jesus revolution of love in our cities, neighborhoods, families, workplaces, and schools.
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July 17 - "Three Streams, One Dream ~ Cityreaching. Revival. Prayer."
Brad Bush (National Revival Institute) is convening a national conversation on how these three distinct but necessarily related movements can better partner for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our cities and communities ...transforming our neighbors and neighborhoods.
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June 19 - Connecting 24/7 Prayer to John 17 City Movements
The 24/7 prayer movement is a fresh and welcomed move of God in cities across the nation. Some city leaders are asking how to best relate to this movement for greater city impact. Jason Hubbard, founder and director of Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham, WA, helped answer that question.
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May 21 - Prayer Summits & Cityreaching
Prayer Summits have helped put Cityreaching on the map. Since the early 90s they have been a crucible for unity, reconciliation, and collaboration. Dennis Fuqua, of International Renewal Ministries, unpacked city impact lessons from the history and current state-of-the-ministry of pastors and leaders getting away to pray together. Paul Cedar provided the interview on this call.
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March 20 - A Tribute to Jarvis Ward!
Listen in on the current state of CityReaching and Community Impact with Jarvis Ward, co-host, Glenn Barth, Dr. Paul Cedar, Phil Miglioratti and CityReachers from around the USA as they share how CityReaching has impacted and is currently impacting the spread of the gospel in cities and communities from the latter 20th century and now in the 21st Century.  Join the call also to celebrate the work God has done through Jarvis' tenure as MAC's National Facilitator of City and Community Ministries. This is his last cityreaching conference call as he leaves MAC to pursue God's next call on his life.
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