Isolation can lead to discouragement and that is why we believe it is vital to share our prayer – care – share stories with one another so we can celebrate love being shared every day.

Tell us your story of adopting a school or recruiting several churches to adopt a whole district to pray and meet various needs on campus.

It may be a story about your neighborhood prayer walk that leads to a conversation that uncovers a need and then you or someone you reach out to meeting that need.  It could be a story about a community, workplace, campus, churches, or a whole city coming together to show compassion and meet needs in big and small ways.

Have you had an opportunity to share the Gospel? Love is contagious, it is meant to be shared in epidemic proportions. Your victories cause a celebration in heaven, sharing your stories prompts a celebration on earth that ignites and inspires others to share the love of Christ too.

Inspire others. – share your story or post your images HERE.