LOVE2020’s City & Community Ministries (CCM) web pages are now officially recognized by The Table Coalition (formerly Mission America Coalition) as the place where city & community collaboration will continue to be identified, including best practices, resources and training for equipping cityreaching movements. For a brief CCM history click here.

Serving All Spheres

As you are drawn to other LOVE2020 Affinity Spheres, you will soon recognize that the CCM serves as an “umbrella” for all LOVE2020 spheres, providing: 1) recognition of all sphere ministry taking place in US cities and, 2) helping LOVE2020 participants find these ministries.

LOVE2020 CCM State Representatives

Click here for a list of LOVE2020’s CCM representatives by state across the US.

CCM Partners & Like-Minded Cityreaching Ministries

Over the years a number of city-focused networking ministries have emerged as mentoring and resource ministries for citywide movements that are bearing increasing fruit for the kingdom, not only across America, but in cities around the world as well.

Wherever there are LOVE2020 partner and non-partner networking ministries identifying and serving the various streams of ministry taking place in their constituent cities, LOVE2020 will seek to give them high visibility within the development of city pages that will be forthcoming.

Ways to Pray, Care & Share as Cityreachers
  • For outreach in our cities – that we would help the body of Christ grow as followers of Jesus – by teaching the Word, modeling ministry and life, and engaging in service while part of a relevant missional church – a caring community that is effective and equipped to build relationships with a growing circle of unbelievers and able to gracefully share the gospel in engaging and relevant ways. Most leaders are too busy to lead in this area, and have no non-Christian friends themselves. This is a problem – a burden we must see lifted. Leaders of churches and city movement roundtables must help the church engage in love-in-action initiative with our broken cities.
  • That we would faithfully provide City Leadership Networks with resources and training paradigms that equip them to effectively engage in their cities and help reach their cities with the gospel.
  • That we would be an encouragement to City Leadership Networks as they listen to the voice of need in their cities, and come together strategically around the burdens the Lord gives them.
  • Engage in our local city network of service opportunities (Issue oriented initiative)
  • Help city leaders by helping providing good Biblical thought, tools and motivation for evangelism (The Changing Face of Evangelism & The Well-Being of the City,)
  • Host periodic City Link Conveners online calls to help city leaders engage in conversation about important topics that affect all cities (co-hosted by Cru City Leadership Networks, LPA, Mission America and Strategic Partners)


  • Equip City Leadership Networks with Evangelism Engagement Strategies (CoJourners and The Changing Face of Evangelism and the Well-Being of the City, and Shalom Justice and the Gospel), transferable paradigms, tools and curricula that equips believers to come along side others on their spiritual journey.
  • Provide the Life in the City questionnaire for cities to use in beginning conversations with people about their city and what God thinks about real issues cities face.
  • Train city teams to host Story of the Soul coffeehouse outreach events
  • Provide the City Leadership Experience curriculum to cities for training and helping the body of Christ understand cities and how to engage effectively in them in service and sharing the gospel.

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