Best Practices in Prayer - Care - Share

Facilitated by John Kieffer with the Table Coalition in Wisconsin

What is working in your communities to see people come to Christ?

(1:38) Rick Hensel - Wisconsin Marketplace Ministries and Wisconsin Believes - involved in breakfasts and luncheons around the state

(2:47) Michael Douglas - Mission Greater Modesto - promoting corp prayer and relational evang through loving your neighbor

(3:19) Alan Doswald - Evangelicals for Social Action in Fresno - 38 years old mission - LOVEinc - New ministry called Engaging the Church - too many country clubs and not enough rescue stations - 18 ministries in town getting involved - reaching 500 churches to mobilize them.
one on one outreach to help people - mobilizing the churches to get the salt out of the salt shaker -

(4:27) Jerry Wiles - North America Regional Director for the International Orality Network - Linking Houston Voices - developing a database of who is reaching who - Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs etc. - better identifying what God is doing in the city

(5:36) Jim Morgan (Meet The Need / MTN) - Helping churches to meet the needs in their communities for Prayer Care and Share - 17 years involved

(6:57) Chad Wleczyk - Worship Citi - focus on city movements - praying and mobilizing in Milwaukie - 3 day weekend of mobilizing - April 3-5 - college high school pastors and leaders involved -

(8:14) Kimberly Johnson - GO2020USA - mobilizing all believers to share their faith in May 2020 - Partnering with Time to Revive, America Prays - Orlando meeting in January - over 100 leaders gathered to encourage and better collaborate - GO2020USA is a catalyst to help do outreach better together - Orlando leaders agreed we are building unity among each other to put down our silos and see how we can encourage one another to mobilize the Church for May's outreach and ongoing into the future.

(11:03) Jim Morgan - Best practices insights (Note: These notes only weakly convey all that Jim shared ... worth listening in on the audio)
Events and transactional efforts can be catalysts for year round sustained ministry involvement that live on after the events - 2 years building out a new Meet The Need platform to build circles of support around families so that they are empowerd to better figure out a better future in Christ ... avenues and mechanisms for believers to help individuals and families in discipleship that go beyond what is accomplished through just an event - discipleship materials can put in resources article books etc for helping people - recommending Scripture and Prayer through our new and developing Artificial Intelligence Platform - excited about where we are heading - we've had generous funders helping the past 17 years - Traditionally, MTN would go to a City movement of churches and ministries and pursue their using the MTN tools - but pushing them toward involvement is hard - Our new approach will be to pursue a viral grass roots network through new online tools (being developed but not live yet - beta in atlanta and FL - not available till 2021) - creating circles of support. The burden will no longer be on the churches and ministries and they won't need to be convinced to get on board.

(18:54) Michael Douglas (Mission Greater Modesto) - couldn't do what we do without MTN - problem: IT people change so you have to start over again - so new platform will be very helpful -

(20:55) Kimberly Johnson (GO2020USA) - by having a month of focus we are hopeful that we will see more prayer, care and share involvement - looking forward to hearing how GO2020USA can help them. We are currently looking to identify what God is doing in cities across America to help people connect with these opportunities and movements - One part time staff person dedicated - feel free to contact me at: [email protected] 612-865-8219

(23:42) Rick Hensel - LOVE inc in Southwood County WI - Wisconsin Rapids - How LOVE Inc came about there - 4 years ago met with Danita Carlson to talk about human trafficking - mentioned John Kieffer's role in cityreaching and she got on fire for getting in touch with pastors and business people - met LOVE Inc Sheboygan - so she started LOVE Inc in Southwood County -
Church donated a building to serve as LOVE Inc office - many good things taking place through this ministry. Early going was tough, but perseverance paid off.

(27:24) Alan Doswald - LOVE Inc is a great way for churches to start working together - LOVE Inc comes along side and provides a clearinghouse of help so that the churches don't have to do the research on what are the real needs in their community, preventing a duplication of effort. It also generates a great way for getting churches working together in their city.

John Kieffer - provides a track to run on for cityreachers

(29:00) Rick Hensel - Wisc Marketplace ministries works with the business side of things and LOVE Inc brings the church side of things together.

(29:15) John Kieffer - cross-sector colloboration is really important ... its not just congregation ministry, its all kinds of ministries as well as private and public, business, government, education ... lets bring the whole church together wherever they happen to be serving ...

Prayer Care Share model for how to reach people is consistent with best practices within cityreaching - prayer is the air we breath, its everything, without the power and love of God released by prayer we are a clanging cymbol - prayer is essential for any cityreaching movement - Personal prayer, corporate prayer, prayer in all its facets and aspects ... but I would also add to that is patience and persistence to succeed in developing a cityreaching movement - The enemy works hard to distract and discourage.

Care piece is obviously a door opener that builds trust between us and our neighbors - there needs to be the justice, action, meet the need, love in the name of Christ component or its not going to be perceived as real or trusted

Share is the piece we can never neglect, looking for the opportunities to share ... if we don't bring people back to the gospel, sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, what's the point?

Training, encouraging and mobilizing our congregations to be able to effectively share their story and the Gospel Story is critical.

(33:25) Rick Hensel - one thing that is a spearhead of what we do: we don't reinvent the wheel - our purpose is to find out who is doing God's work and encourage them and help others find out about them to begin collaboration. Too many ministries are duplicating efforts when they could be stronger if they were collaborating and sharing the various tasks. Discovering who we all are in our cities is vital.

(35:00) Chad - April 3-5 uniting pastors and business leaders in Milwaukie and reaching out to high schools, youth groups, business leaders, worship leaders across the region. Contact: [email protected]

(37:22) John Kieffer - Hosting a table gathering in the Fox Cities March 27th - objective is to bring seasoned and emerging leaders to the table to encourage and inspire partnerships within the local church and non-profits to get more people to know Jesus. Its also an opportunity to celebrate whats already happening while also providing a platform for encouraging and equipping emerging leaders - The Table Coalition is sponsoring these gatherings in other states and cities across the country. These are exactly for the purpose of what we've been talking about today.

We want to be catalysts for relationship building. Contact John at: [email protected] to learn more about what is happening in WI. We are looking to bring together 20-40 emerging leaders to be brought alongside seasoned leaders for mentoring, relationship building and to see partnerships develop.

To learn more about what is happening with these gatherings across the US, contact Deena Kvasnik at: (651) 329-3045 or [email protected]