Facilitated by John Kieffer with the Table Coalition in Wisconsin

(0:17) Jerry Wiles, North America Regional Director for the International Orality Network - Eldon Porter is creating a new tool called Linking Houston Voices (www.linkinghoustonvoices.net - not yet released) ... To identify harvest resources ... the harvest force ... and who is reaching the various sectors and ethnic groups in Greater Houston. Linking with the Great Commission Coalition, Loving Houston, Union Baptist Assoc, Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, City Teams, Houston Diaspora Coalition, Movement Day, and The Table Coalition, LOVE2020. In the early days we had Discover Your City. Out of that came Mission Houston 2000 and then just Mission Houston. Now we are trying to connect with the emerging younger leaders in the city ... number of ministries reaching refugees, human trafficking, who is reaching the Buddhists, Muslims and Sikhs. Not everybody is looking for visibility and need to keep their work under cover.

(3:19) John Keiffer - Poverty Symposium coming up through the National Christian Foundation in Milwaukie ...

(3:55) Chad Wleczyk - Worship Citi - worship and prayer networks intentionally collaborating ... Worship Citi is focused on diversity and unity in worship ... making sure we are connecting with marketplace leaders ...

(7:00) Brent Taylor (BrentTaylorLive and works with Chad) shared about bringing together 25 pastors with different ethnic backgrounds ... we've discovered that when we bring different churches together for nights of worship there is a common ground that unifies us ... when we do that we can talk about what we see as needs in our city and how to address them. Also big is marketplace ministry ... we've shied away from business dinners towards just gatherings ... 2) the pastors, leaders and business guys wanted to have something to do ... not just sit in a meeting ... one of those deliverables was worship, another was to talk and articulate what their ministry was doing and hear the other men around them and being stirred to partner together in what they were hearing. Partnership became amazing ... like knights at the round table, putting their swords at the table and saying collectively, we are here to impact this city

10:02 Since Kathy Branzell of LOVE02020 & National Day of Prayer wasn't able to be on the call, John asked Dave Imboden to share his thoughts on the Status of LOVE2020 and its relationship with GO2020
Orlando meeting on January 22 ...

(10:39) Dave Imboden (Table Coalition / LOVE2020) The Go2020USA meeting is coming up on the 21 & 22 of this month. There will be more opportunity to have dialog between LOVE2020 and Go2020USA. Currently, LOVE2020 is putting most of its energy or attention to serving the Go2020USA initiative. LOVE2020 has taken a "back seat" behind Go2020USA because Go2020 really has become a "rebranding" of LOVE2020. That doesn't mean it replaces LOVE2020 because it limited in its time-span as its looking to get people on board for doing a month of Prayer Care Share involvement during the month of May. There's a lot of work to do. Hopefully the Orlando meeting with reveal how much has been happening for mobilizing the US Church for Prayer Care Share across the US. I continue to update the Calendar of Events, the Cityreaching pages and the Affinity Sphere links.

(14:43) Neil Cox - Indianapolis networker and Justice Sphere leader for LOVE02020 - See IndyChristian - Indianapolis update - Emergency Response Networking - how to get to every home in Indy - CEN, Ready Indy, thinking in terms of geography by zip code - hope to identify 50% of their zip codes with networking activity - example of outreach in his own zipcode: great story of helping 500 refugees in an apartment complex and their landlord to respect each other and work out their struggles.

(19:20) John Kieffer responds on Neil's "location, location, location" input: Bless Every Home.com helps to identify where God's people are working. Example of a pastor who was inspired to do Prayer Care Share in their own neighborhood. Bless Every Home allows whole churches to show on a map where their people are praying, caring and sharing. It helps you to see neighborhood being adopted. Personal story of PCS in John's cul-de-sac neighborhood.

(21:57) Dave Gadhoury (Rhode Island Table Coalition & LOVE2020 rep) - Getting churches to work together, building networks of pastors to pray together and care together. Challenging. Wanting to look at what God's doing in Charlotte, NC (ForCharlotte.org) where they are breaking their city down into workable units. Pastors prayer breakfast this month.

(24:00) John Kieffer responded with affirmation of ForCharlotte and their emphasis on teaching churches on The Art of Neighboring. Asked Dave G to invite ForCharlotte leadership to have someone present on an upcoming call.

(25:00) Jerry Wiles mentioned also the excellent work of 4tucson.com and their leader, Mark Harris.

-- John asked Jerry to invite 4Tucson to be on the call next month.

(27:18) Jerry accepts ... mentions the further pooling of cityreaching info and mentioned the multiple layer and 47 geographical districts identified in Houston as well as the fact that they are connected to what God is doing in other cities, such as Global Gates and their outreach to diaspora peoples that God has brought to our cities.

(28:55) Neil Cox affirmed the ongoing effort to identify PCS activity in US cities and the work that has been done on www.Cityreaching.org - in particular, mentioned going to Charlotte, North Carolina's page and seeing some of the past history of activity in Charlotte that can be helpful as well. In this case, Bishop Claude Alexander is part of For Charlotte and has a strong history of involvement in the past with Mission America Coalition as a board member. Neil also shared that cityreaching ministry leaders can appoint liaison's to come on the call, since they are very busy people and can delegate someone to serve as a city rep.