Churches Shouldn’t Use Business Survival Tactics

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When times get tough, most churches respond with the same survival tactics used by struggling businesses.  Today, we explore the fifth and final reason why churches come down with a cold – the desire to Survive. The life cycle of a business begins with great hope and anticipation, a keen awareness of market needs and commitment to satisfying those needs.  … Read More

Why Christianity Has Lost Its Appeal

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A 4th sign your church is coming down with a cold is Compromise. When we talk about treating members as “customers”, people naturally think of prosperity churches or megachurches.  However in many ways the temptations to treat members as “customers” are even greater within a small or young church. In other words, defining the wrong “customer” is less about relying on … Read More

with Lynn Cory (Neighboring)


Phil ~ Tell us 3-4 things about your ministry life that will help us understand your passion to author this book. Lynn ~ My ministry life, as you term it, began well over forty years ago, when I was called to serve as the college pastor of a rapidly growing church in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. And … Read More

Nearly All Organizations Partner – Why Don’t Churches?

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Is your church decentralized, empowering disciples?  Or is it depersonalized, entrusting responsibility for being “church” to the few rather than to many?  A third way to know if your church is healthy or coming down with a cold is the degree to which is has internalized.  In other words, has it become an entity unto itself, operating independently, or is … Read More

Few Churches Play To An Audience of One

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Healthy church members play to an audience of One (God).  They’re consumed, not consumers.  Their engagement in evangelism doesn’t stop with inviting non-believing friends to church.  Their dedication to discipleship doesn’t end with sermons and small groups. Healthy church leaders play to an audience of One.  They disciple; they don’t perform.  They decrease so Jesus can increase.  They realize the … Read More

Evangelism is a Four Letter Word

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I get it. Culture is changing rapidly and radically. The methods we have used successfully for decades have become ineffective, even counter-productive. Heaven? Spiritual laws? Bible verses? These no longer spark spiritual interest. Evangelism training isn’t what it used to be, but in many cases is uncertain of what it should be. This frustration is actually good news. Good because … Read More

Is Your Church Coming Down With A Cold?

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Most churches are born healthy.  Church plants are small, underfunded, and grow slowly at first – but they’re normally healthy.  How can that be?  That doesn’t sound like the description of a healthy organization.  Don’t most pastors and church consultants associate size, budget and growth with health? However, the Bible does not define church as an institution but as collective … Read More

How (Not) to Rejuvenate an Aging Church

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Society has been programmed to associate health with youth.  The underlying message of countless television and magazine ads today is that their products will make you look or feel younger.  Men’s health publications are filled with “ED” and “Low T” remedies.  Skin care and hormone replacement therapy options dominate the pages of women’s health web sites.  Cosmetics and plastic surgeries … Read More

Church is Work. Work is Church.

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Part 5 of 5   In this last post in our current series on decentralizing church, let’s discuss bringing church beyond just where we live, but also to where we work.  Expanding the footprint of your church means training up disciples and planting outposts in every street, neighborhood, condo building and apartment complex – as well as every job site … Read More

STATE OF THE UNION: Why Polarization Matters

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DAVID BLANKENHORN   Polarization is more our problem than our politicians’. The success of the nation requires that we, the people, overcome it. What do we mean when we talk about polarization in American politics? It depends who’s doing the talking, but two basic guidelines can help us clarify the problem. First, don’t imagine that polarization refers mainly to politicians … Read More