Why LOVE2020?

Love2020 is a rally cry that calls leaders to the right burdens. When leaders focus on the wrong things, the Church’s health, vision and ministry gets skewed. To stay centered, Love2020 reminds us of these four things about Jesus.

  1. Jesus seeks and saves the lost. How will the millions upon millions destined for God’s wrath be reached and rescued? Love2020’s vision: Jesus followers confident in their mission among an increasing number of non-believers – building relationships, enjoying meaningful conversations, connecting others to the Gospel
  2. Jesus makes disciples. How will new followers of Jesus be equipped holistically and transformed? Love2020’s vision: people engaging in biblical discipleship and leaders developing in transformational community
  3. Jesus moves to the broken. He heals, shows mercy and loves to redeem. How will the world come to understand that? What are we helping to redeem? Love2020’s vision: Jesus-followers engaging in Spirit-empowered compassionate and redemptive ministry
  4. Jesus builds His Church. He brings His people together in community, for His cause and to transform them into His likeness. What kind of churches need to be planted in our day? Love2020’s vision: unchurched and unbelieving people in our cities encountering Jesus and His gospel, and being transformed by Him.


Is LOVE2020 a challenge, a resource-center, a movement, or … ?

Love2020 is a rally cry to awaken and focus the Church. It honors the timeless cry of the great commandments and the great commission.  Love2020 is a movement that mobilizes followers of Jesus to show and tell the gospel from hearts that love authentically.

It is a movement driven by this cry, and undergirded in relationships of trust. We are committed to COMMUNICATION. As the movement meets online, at summit meetings or as affinity spheres, the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle is encouraged, developed and resourced.  We foster a learning environment so as to increase our missional effectiveness. That leads to MOBILIZATION. We are serious about strategic action through high-level collaboration.  As relationships build we encourage leveraging Kingdom assets (tools, best practices, resources) for the P-C-S lifestyle.

LOVE2020s vision is shared by the Church. Our VISION is to see that every person is loved and befriended by a follower of Jesus who is empowered by the Holy Spirit, learning to be a great neighbor and living a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle (with 2020 in mind).

Our Mission is to bring good and effective PRAYER, CARE, SHARE thought, tools and motivation to the Body of Christ.  How would you coach a leader (congregation, small group, ministry team) to take ownership of LOVE2020 in their context?  How would you coach that leader to mobilize the persons they serve/disciple into the LOVE2020 movement

It will be difficult to mobilize your people without these things:

  1. focus,
  2. missional community that communicates with each other and both strategizes and takes action in new directions,
  3. prayer and
  4. an abundance of resources.

What is your prayer for the person reading this interview right now?

Lord, may we be awakened to your glory and power. Only then will our hearts long for you to receive the honor you deserve by every living creature. Lord, lead us to a community of like-minded friends that can learn with us, pray with us, encourage us and resource us. We long to see your gospel go forward. We long for people to know your love experientially. We long for you to awaken your church and our leadership that we might joyfully move forward in seeking and saving the lost, making disciples, ministering to the broken and building your Church.

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