5 Cures For Pastor Burnout

Love2020Coaching Corner

We understand what you’re facing.  Being a pastor is one of the toughest jobs out there.  Church leaders are burning out in record numbers.  However, we have great news!  There is a path to more growth, more people coming to Christ, more fulfillment and less frustration. Here’s what I told him… Last week we told the story of the former … Read More


Love2020Come Thirsty

We cannot miss an opportunity to celebrate every victory; every person who is fed, educated, given healthcare, and opportunities to live out their God- given gifts and purpose. We need to celebrate communities coming together in crisis and in strengthening the connectedness of their neighborhood. Share the stories of people who reach out to families suffering in times of loss, … Read More


Love2020Come Thirsty

Who can you connect with? How have you communicated with the ministries and churches in your area? How can you collaborate with multiple ministries to reach the needs of your city? When was the last time you shared a great story of “Prayer, Care, Share,” in action so others could celebrate with you? There are so many ministries, churches and … Read More