Launching “Love Beyond” Campaign

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What do you think of when you hear the word, “Love?” It may bring up all sorts of emotions, good and bad, as you think about your past and present experiences. I pray that when you hear the word, “Love” … Read More

How Churches Contributed to the Rise of Selfism

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When we last spoke before Christmas, we introduced the hashtag #EndSelfism to combat the official theocracy firmly established in America today.  Self-deification, or intolerance of opinions that conflict with another’s personal view of truth, is now the state religion enforced … Read More

Can You Spot the Christian in the Crowd?

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Today’s topic is the culmination and unfortunate consequence of the “Top 10” lists we’ve reviewed over the past 5 weeks: 10 Words No Longer Heard in Church or Christian Music 10 Popular Bible Verses Taken Out of Context 10 Ways … Read More

Love is Oxygen

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You see, love is like oxygen. It’s essential for the Christian life. We can’t live without it. We can’t breathe without it. And here’s the thing about breathing: It gives us life, but holding our breath won’t do any good. … Read More

10 Practices You Rarely See in Church Anymore

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Not only have church growth models changed in recent years to accommodate American culture, but traditional practices churches leveraged for centuries to foster evangelism, discipleship and service have also been scrapped.  Church leaders contend that new practices are necessary to … Read More

Praying for Unbelievers

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Lord, we, Your people, have become so accustomed to being prayed for. Prayer lines are common. We flock to mighty men of God looking for a miracle. And yet, You called us to give the gift of prayer. We confess … Read More