Why U.S. Churches Turn a Blind Eye to Persecuted Christians

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Today we begin examining blind spots obstructing the view of churches to responsibilities clearly spelled out in scriptures.  Pastors and members alike gloss over selected verses, not seeing problems outside the church as their responsibility.  Instead, a topic Jesus and Paul considered among the foremost indicators of our faith and salvation – our love for our persecuted brothers and sisters … Read More

Try this 33 Word Prayer!

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Each time you pray in the coming week, begin by saying, “Lord, I want my prayer to be in the name of Jesus. Please let all I pray be motivated by Jesus, consistent with the heart of Jesus, and for the glory of Jesus.” If you are not confident your prayer reflects the will and desire of Jesus, slow down … Read More

Your 1-1-1 Prayer

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In the coming month, try doing a 1-1-1 Prayer. This is something Lee Strobel taught at the Organic Outreach Conference we hold at Shoreline Church. The idea is simple. You pray for a person who is not yet a follower of Jesus. Commit to intercede for them and ask God to soften their heart, open them to the love of … Read More

As We Pray For Others

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As we pray for others, there are a number of important reminders the Bible gives us. These are some of the things we can miss if we are not attentive and sensitive to God’s direction as we pray. Here are five things I find helpful to remember. Each of these helps me keep my prayer life on track.   Pray … Read More

Pray With Eyes Wide Open

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When we pray with our life wide open, we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our behavior, change our direction, and shape our daily decisions. As we do this, opportunities to communicate with God come flooding in with surprising regularity. We no longer “try to pray” or “work at praying more.” Speaking to God and hearing from our Lord become … Read More

Don’t Let These Blind Spots Impair Your Church’s Vision

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It was a grueling drive from Florida to Maryland and back over the past two weeks in summer holiday traffic.  Fighting D.C. gridlock every day was no joy ride either.  My nerves were frazzled dodging speeders who mistook the 495 Beltway for the Indianapolis Speedway and distracted drivers too busy texting to notice they’d drifted into the lane my car … Read More

Churches Shouldn’t Use Business Survival Tactics

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When times get tough, most churches respond with the same survival tactics used by struggling businesses.  Today, we explore the fifth and final reason why churches come down with a cold – the desire to Survive. The life cycle of a business begins with great hope and anticipation, a keen awareness of market needs and commitment to satisfying those needs.  … Read More

Why Christianity Has Lost Its Appeal

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A 4th sign your church is coming down with a cold is Compromise. When we talk about treating members as “customers”, people naturally think of prosperity churches or megachurches.  However in many ways the temptations to treat members as “customers” are even greater within a small or young church. In other words, defining the wrong “customer” is less about relying on … Read More

with Lynn Cory (Neighboring)


Phil ~ Tell us 3-4 things about your ministry life that will help us understand your passion to author this book. Lynn ~ My ministry life, as you term it, began well over forty years ago, when I was called to serve as the college pastor of a rapidly growing church in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. And … Read More

Nearly All Organizations Partner – Why Don’t Churches?

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Is your church decentralized, empowering disciples?  Or is it depersonalized, entrusting responsibility for being “church” to the few rather than to many?  A third way to know if your church is healthy or coming down with a cold is the degree to which is has internalized.  In other words, has it become an entity unto itself, operating independently, or is … Read More