JESUS PRAYED that we would be unified, that we would be one, and in our obedience to being God’s answer to that prayer, we can be assured that God takes what we do and blesses it as only His mighty hand of multiplication can.

IN THIS MULTIPLICATION, more people are loved, cared for, fed, served, clothed, given a helping hand, healthcare, a second chance, hope, shelter, educated, and prayed for than any of us could ever hope to reach on our own.

LOVE IS A VERB, and our coalition brings people together to DO love, to provide all kinds of acts of love that change people’s lives; hopefully for eternity. But no matter what the circumstance or challenge, we know we were called to LOVE, and we act in obedience to that calling. We wake up every day and ask ourselves, “As a follower of Christ, who can I show His love to today?”