COMMUNICATION is a way of life for this generation. Hundreds of times each day we communicate through phone calls, prayers, texts, posts, tweets, chats, messaging, and face-to-face conversations, and many of these offer opportunities to reach outside of ourselves, get involved in a crisis, share a solution to a problem, build a relationship, provide an encouragement and help someone to know God's word and heart for their lives.

TO HELP YOU more effectively communicate God's heart to others, LOVE2020 links you to a vast array of tools and resources, not only for how to express a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle where you live, but how to walk it out within the various spheres of life and ministry God has placed you in. If you are in the arts, business, education, government, media, military, medicine, sports, social services, a first responder, or in full or part-time ministry, LOVE2020 Affinity Spheres are currently being built to serve your prayer-care-share efforts within these spheres.

IF YOU ARE INVOLVED in networking the Body of Christ in your city to pray for, care about and share the Good News with your neighbors, or to bless your city through compassion ministry, community service projects, gang & prison outreach, or Jesus Film distribution throughout the zip codes of your city, there's something here for you.