OBJECTIVES to advance the prayer-care-share lifestyle

TO PRAY: Apart from God, we can do nothing. That is why it is incumbent upon us to be in constant communion with Him. Prayer is an intentional and essential part.

TO CARE: As it is often said, “people do not care what you know until they know that you care.” This entails meeting felt needs in a way that respects those with needs, and preserves their dignity as one created in the image of God.

TO SHARE: There is only message that leads to salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If we truly love, as Christ loved, we must share the Good News with others in a way that allows them to hear and understand God’s great love and their desperate need for Him.


Pray for wisdom, favor, blessing, provision and safety for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Pray for strength, resources, blessing and protection for communities and families that have experiences natural or man-made disaster as they try to recover and rebuild their lives.

Pray that you will have spiritual insight and a heart filled with compassion regarding those ensnared by addictions, oppressed by injustice, and hurting from broken homes and fatherlessness.


Volunteer to help families affected by a disaster with cleanup, hot meals, transportation, and more. This can be on an individual level following a house fire, or as part of a team traveling to a disaster-affected community.

Advocate with city officials for low-income neighborhoods receiving sub-standard services whether it be road improvements, zoning issues, inadequate lighting, etc..

Serve at a church food pantry, clothing closet, homeless shelter or other outreach to low-income families in your community.


Explain how Christ has changed your life and brought you through tough times.

Give the gift of an easy to understand Bible, or audio Bible to someone you are befriending.

Invite someone to movie with a Christian theme (have extra tickets handy) and then host him or her for dinner afterwards to talk about it.