Gather a growing group of individuals and ministry leaders across America who

(a) are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, and

(b) who consider discipling a distinctive priority in their ministry.

Communicate collegially among and beyond our LOVE2020 affinity sphere colleagues.  

Cultivate consensus regarding

(a) “right questions,” core issues, & key outcomes in discipling;

(b) best responses to those questions & issues; and

(c) major outcomes & strategies potentially enabled or enhanced through the DMS, such as recommending  and/or developing disciple-focused resources most helpful in the context of their ministries.

Develop clear “next steps” and implement them flexibly, adapting to various situations as needed for greatest harmony and most significant impact in pleasing and honoring God

  • Prayer prompts

Pray for openness among Love2020 affinity sphere colleagues and others in ministry to discuss & collaborate on ways to enhance disciple-making impact across America.

Pray for wisdom, clarity, humility, and resoluteness among collaborators as we focus on right questions, best answers, core issues, and key outcomes.

  • Practical & powerful “Care/Share” ideas

The LOVE2020 initiative is a bold and urgent call for Christ-followers to cultivate a lifestyle that consistently reflects God’s love. We demonstrate His love as we pray, care, and share it with others around us.

  • But what IS His “love”?
  • How can we clearly describe it—to ourselves or others?
  • How does God work inside us to produce and empower our praying, caring, and sharing?

If you want to make disciples who make a difference, this DisciplingU series will help you understand and teach to others the realities and disciplines that transform hearts, please God, and bring His “fruit of the Spirit” blessing to you and all the disciples you influence.