PodcastLove2020 & Dare2Share


Prayer for every school in America, in conjunction with both the Youth Spheres and the Children Spheres (incl. 4 to14 Window), (& University Sphere? as “mentors”?), as well as with local / regional / national prayer initiatives & houses of prayer, etc., to reach the over 50 million public school students, plus their families and their communities.

Pray for Students:

That they would be impacted by God’s Love and Truth.

In conjunction with Youth & Children Spheres, and with churches & campus ministries, help students begin school / school-related prayer groups.

Go to com to begin school prayer group.

Pray for Parents and Families:

That families will become involved in reaching out to the broad body of students in their communities and schools.

Families and communities would be restored by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Mom’s, grandma’s, aunts, etc. join with nearby Mom’s In Prayer groups or begin one by going to momsinprayer.org

 Pray for Educators, Administrators, School Boards, Staff, & Volunteers:

That at every school, educators will experience the love and care of Christ through Christian pastors, parents and students.

God would give wisdom to administrators, school board members, staff and volunteers in every school district.

Educators and school leaders would come to know Christ personally.

Educators go to ceai.org/membership/benefits/prayer-network for prayer support.

Pray for Churches & Campus Ministries:

Churches and youth leaders will become involved in reaching out to the broad body of students, educators, administrators, school boards, staff & volunteers in their communities and schools.

Churches, youth leaders and organizations would unite and support one another to reach out to every school and every student, incl. before, during & after school, in the essentially “endless” ways possible.

Go to everyschool.com and everyschool.com/campusalliance.


Demonstrating Christ’s Love to students, parents, families, educators, administrators, school boards, staff and volunteers.

Care ideas… 

Churches adopting schools or helping other community youth programs, incl. providing tutors & mentors (across generations – college to HS, HS to MS, MS to Elem., etc.).

Churches commissioning & praying for educators, parents, students, staff, administrators, school boards & volunteers, incl. organizing / sponsoring teacher / staff appreciation events on and off the campus.

Churches / campus ministries / volunteers, etc. completing school grounds & other program improvement projects, after learning from school officials “what’s needed / how to care” … i.e., we would like to help, what do you need?

Volunteer, incl. Christian schools, at your local school as a mentor or support staff. Offer to mentor students who need help with class work.

Be available to the school administration to help counsel students with special needs.

Team with organizations in your community to feed and serve poor and disadvantaged students, assuring nutrition and health. See example of faith-network.com (Oakland).


The greatest act of love we can show students, parents / families, educators, administrators, school boards, staff & volunteers in their communities is to help introduce them to the One who created them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to share Christ with students & all others …

Learn how to ask questions and actively listen – Go to: org/cojourners

Learn how to explain the Gospel in a clear and simple way.

Connecting by “spending time in their world,” incl. fostering campus prayer / prayer for campuses, Bible clubs, campus outreaches, school activities, sports, youth organizations, youth groups, neighborhood relationships, etc. Suggested resourcess