with Ralph Drollinger (Government)


What is an “affinity sphere?”

Missisiologically, the term “People group” is used to define a group of people who share the same language.  My understanding of the term “affinity sphere” relates to people who share the same vocation.  Given the fact that we are attempting to reach those who work in government, the term “affinity sphere” is a more appropriate descriptor of our actions.

What is the impact/potential/significance of this sphere across our culture?

Government leaders have tremendous influence.  Making disciples in this affinity sphere is therefore critical to the efficiency of fulfilling the Great Commission. I develop this point in my book Rebuilding America, wherein I trace the emphasis of the early church relative to their pursuit of making disciples in the political arena throughout the world.

How is the message of God’s love in and through Christ being expressed in this sphere?

We have started Bible studies and discipleship ministries in over 40 of the U.S. State Capitols in the past 20 years and 6 years ago started the same in DC with House and Senate Members.

How can an individual involved in/identifies with this affinity sphere become involved in LOVE2020?

In our ministries and personal engagement with Members we stress their need to duplicate their lives and influence their colleagues for Christ – in essence the pray, care, share model.  We do not however stress additional organizational involvement simply because their lives are already overbooked and governed by the tyranny of the urgent.  In most cases it is difficult to spend more than one hour a week with Members of Congress.

What is the path to engagement with you for a congregation or ministry organization?

They can develop a ministry in their own city our county to local political leaders.  There are over 33,000 city and county governments in America, with few outposts for Christ in their midst.  And yet local government is where political leaders get their start – similar I suppose to a professional athlete getting their start in High School.  It is much easier to make disciples at this level in their career path.

Tell us about your discernment of how the Holy Spirit is leading your sphere during this historic election season?

Our ministries with Members of the U.S. House and Senate continue to grow and we hope, given the election of President elect Donald Trump to begin a ministry in the White House.  Mr. Trump has been very responsive to my weekly Bible studies and wants to meet to discuss this possibility – along with forming a joint monthly Bible study with Members of the House and Senate.  This is a matter of prayer.

Please write a prayer we can pray together for the expanding and extending of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are in this affinity sphere… 

Lord Jesus, please continue to help us reach local, up and coming political leaders via starting ministries in America’s 33,000 city and county governments.  Help us to plant effective ministries in all 50 state capitols, as well as expand your ministry to Members in Washington D.C.