Happy New Year

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Happy New Year, Neighbors!

I pray that you had a wonderful Christmas; that your home was filled with friends and family and that you took the opportunity of the season to share the love and message of Jesus with your “neighbors.”  The cultural calendar holiday makes it an easy conversation – asking people how they celebrate and worship throughout the season and inviting them to celebrate and worship with you.

As 2017 begins, our thoughts and conversations turn to goals and resolutions for a new year. We should all have a desire to improve and grow every day, but the New Year gives us pause to pray, think, and focus on the purpose of our days and the desires of our hearts. What are some of your goals? How is the Holy Spirit prompting you as you look forward to another year to worship, serve and share the love and message of Jesus with a world searching for hope?

Jesus always puts a specific word on my heart and mind at the beginning of each year. Jesus weaves this word into areas of growth, discipline and fruit in my life throughout the year – often in many unexpected ways. This word always keeps my eyes and ears focused on Him; what He wants to teach me and where He wants to lead me. How do you stay aware and take care to record Christ’s work in your life every year? Do you keep a journal or jot a few words onto a calendar each day? Are your prayer journals filled with intercession and direction that serve as standing stones of your years? Do you make it a practice to look back in thanks – even at the years that were the hardest or hurt the most?  Christ’s hands and heart get us through those years and tears; thank Him and profess your faith in Him to do it again this year.

As we step into 2017 we cross over to a year closer to our LOVE2020 goal of EVERY American receiving the loving touch and message of Jesus from a Christ-follower. We must mobilize our prayer-care-share lifestyle and live out the word that Jesus prayed for and expects from His followers – UNITY.

He created us to love Him and share His love. He commissioned us to that same calling and gave us His millions of like-hearted, like-minded brothers and sisters to help complete the mission and ministry of sharing the salvation message with EVERYONE. We do not compete for church members against other churches, we do not compete for ministry turf – we complete the Great commission TOGETHER. Jesus will bless our obedience to unify and share His love.

Jesus modeled how we should love God and our neighbors throughout His life on earth. The gospel pages are full of His love, His prayers, and the many ways He cared and shared the message of the Kingdom of heaven. I want to invite you on a “90-day Journey Through the Gospels: Prayer-Care-Share with Jesus” devotional study of the gospels. Simply click the banner on our website and subscribe to the 90-day journey and you will receive a reminder by email or text every day to read a chapter of the gospels and a short prayer-care-share devotional based on that chapter.

Begin 2017 saturated in the supremacy of Christ. Take courage and let Him wash worry and weariness out of your life. Be filled with His Spirit and follow in His footsteps of sharing love, hope, and grace. I challenge you to share His love with all of your “neighbors” by the end of the year 2020.

Love is a verb…let’s get moving!


To begin your “90-day Journey Through the Gospels: Prayer-Care-Share with Jesus” visit at LOVE2020.com.