“We seek to serve Christ by helping His Church to become #SystemicJustice — A City on a Hill, Emulating Christ, Modeling Justice & Mercy.  Our team works in support of PCS (Prayer Care Share) workers across a city, operating at their corners of Need x Neighborhood.”


We believe that “acting justly, loving mercy, walking humbly with our God” effectively translates to a strategy of… ”Prayer leads to Care leads to Sharing the Good News… pervasively, citywide.

Justice/Care Teamwork Objectives:

#1  Extend Cities’ Prayer-base for Justice.

A City Goal:  All neighborhoods, all homes, adopted for prayer.

#2  Communicate Gospel Justice with Clarity.

What is this ‘whole gospel’ that we’re taking to the whole city?

The Just One died self-sacrificially for the Unjust.
The Spirit empowers the Justified to die-to-self, emulating the Just One, as we model and share the Good News by Word & deed with the Unjustified.

No Jesus, No Justice.

#3  Learn and help cities build a PCS_Hub.

Call-Center to expedite Communications

Access to Justice/Care Expertise

Networking City Prayer-Networks

Training PCS workers

#4  Mobilize Justice Workers for Cities.

Let us help you connect to your CityReaching movement.



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