Launching “Love Beyond” Campaign

AdminLove Is A Verb

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Love?” It may bring up all sorts of emotions, good and bad, as you think about your past and present experiences. I pray that when you hear the word, “Love” you think of Jesus. If you grew up in the church one of the first songs you sang was, “Jesus loves me this I know….” When is the last time you sang that song? Do you need reminding right now of how deeply and divinely He loves you?

That is the most beautiful aspect of God’s love for us, it is beyond anything we could ever think or imagine. It far exceeds any earthy love, it is beyond measure, beyond any earthly experience or expectation, but never beyond our reach. God is love! It is His character, His unchanging attribute that He loves us even in our ever-changing circumstances. His love is everlasting and steadfast. His love is faithful and forever.

It is in His love for us that we can love one another. The Holy Spirit fills us with His love and then produces the fruit of love in us and through us. We receive love beyond our comprehension and can give love beyond our human ability when we open our hearts, and are determined to be a disciple who is known by love.

As LOVE2020 launches our LOVE BEYOND campaign, our prayer is that, “beyond” is not just the language we use, but the fuel that takes us to and through 2020 with love that turns hate into love, hurt into healing, and division into unity. We are called to show love beyond our personal preferences, political parties, denomination, generation, driveway, office door, desk, past hurts, and present offenses. The journey through love goes beyond the decision to follow Jesus in daily doses of love called discipleship. Love carries us beyond, graduation, responsibilities and relationships, “I do,” the baby delivery room, the trials and triumphs of life, and the list and loves goes on and

We want to ask you to begin with a prayer, feel free to write your own or speak from the heart, but could the LOVE2020 team ask you to commit to start every day praying a “LOVE BEYOND” prayer? It may be the same prayer every day that sets your heart in place for all that the day will bring, or you can pray as the Spirit prompts you in producing love that floods your soul and schedule.

Here is the prayer I have prayed first thing every day since July, and I welcome you to pray it with me: “Lord, thank you for loving me beyond anything I could ever think or imagine. Show me today how I can show and share your love beyond myself; beyond the walls of my home and heart to overflow as You love me through this day.”

This prayer prompts me to examine the walls I have sinfully put up around my heart and convicts me to go beyond my selfish preferences and see people, made in the image of God, who need His love just as much as I do.

Will you begin this journey and commit to praying every day and then going beyond that prayer, to let God live out His love in you and through you as you live a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle? Let us know that you are praying and share your ministry stories with us as we continue to show and share the love of Jesus with every person in America by the end of 2020.