Love Needs

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By RIck Ezell

Love needs to be more than warm, glowing emotions. The cold Mondays of daily living will quickly chill that kind of love. In our culture love is at best a little more than syrupy romanticism, and at worst just another four-letter word. Part of the problem is that today love can mean anything, nothing, and everything all at the same time. We toss the word about so loosely that we’ve tossed out much of its meaning. The word love has become like a dehorned bull, still strong, but rather weak in appearance.

Real love is intensely practical, to equip us for the Monday morning grind when we have to roll out of bed, get the kids to school, and cope with a world that is anti-Christian. Such love is a needed when we show up at church to fellowship with people who don’t share our opinions, or have a different motive, or are sometimes downright mean. Real love is intensely committed. It goes the second mile and the third if needed. It gets in your face. It makes hard decisions. It is tough and tender all at the same time.

The world may forget what we say, but they will never forget how we love. Discover how love can impact your life and your world in the eBook Chapter 13: The Excellence of Love.