John Kieffer (Call moderator) ... 13 minutes in ... Pastors prayer summit ... new operating system ... many churches that have had to change how they do their work ... so we needed to unplug and let the Lord reset us ... we needed to repent of various misplaced values and ways of doing things ... it's simpler ... purer and much more effective .. these are amazing days to be alive ... we need to be ready ... resilience comes from being with Jesus ... this is a time of being in a listening posture to receive what God is saying ... The new operating system is really the old system without the bugs in it. ... As we grow in love with Jesus we are free to serve Him as His bride.

Matt & Christen Jacobs ... SOW CINCY ( ) ... Alignment ... digging into scripture .. Psalms and proverbs ... the idea of inclining my heart and my ear ... really sticking out to me ...

Dave Ghadoury (Rhode Island - TOGETHER - www.togetheradvancethegospel.comg lesson is illustrated by the scripture that God doesn't save by many or few ... We originally wanted to change the culture of our churches into a prayer care share focus ... get away from the attractional model ... God is now seeing everything happening in the streets and neighborhoods and digitally. Friends are now saying, listen to my church service ... and they are. One couple went to a nursery and bought potted plants and put it on their neighbors house with a note of introduction and blessing. One group of neighbors have been gathering on Sunday mornings ... one one said, why don't we go Easter singin to our neighborhood. This is the stuf we've been trying to get our pastors to do and now its happening.

Chad Wleczyk in MILWAUKEE... lots of worship going on ... getting filled up with the Holy Spirit ... looking for pastors, businessmen and students to see what their needs are ... now businesses are opening their doors to learn about how to do live streaming ... weekly worship online and open to the world ... and speaking about discipleship and worship. Reaching people far from Christ and those seasoned in pastoral roles.

John Kieffer ... we've been praying for decades and now things are happening all over the place.

Sherri Baierl in GREEN BAY... With SERVE NETWORK ( ... 200 leaders on a list ... keeping them connected and communicating ... every 6 months or so they do a leadership gathering. Trying to network ministries so that there's less isolation ... they are either completely overwhelmed or underwhelmed ... great initiatives happening ... but overwhelmed ones are learning how to be creative ... like shelters having people sleeping 6 feet apart ... systems that are working are the ones that are serving humanity ... we're being forced to acknowledge what the heart of the gospel is all about ... we have the great commandment and commission ,.. we just have to remember to come along side people ... and how to stay with them to disciple them. In 2018 during a 21 day fast with a church God spoke to me about online ministry and it didn't make sense then but it does now.

John Kieffer ... some pastors that are feeling underwhelmed ... some pastors are calling their members personally. We can't meet with the pastor as networkers but we can call them. This is a time to deepen our relationships. Pastors saying that they are now getting to know their members like never before.

Dave Imboden ... Southern California - We've lost our SATURATE SOCAL ( involvement because of the isolation going on. But there's been phone and zoom meetings for networking, locally, nationally and globally.
Fawn and I are beginning to see more of our neighbors in our PRAYER-CARE-SHARE ( & outreach. We just did a front lawn picnic that drew out a number or our neighbors.
We are certainly praying during this season of COVID for an awakening to Christ and a revival of the Church to a renewed devotion to the Lord and to a Prayer Care Share lifestyle. As more people are out taking walks we are believing for God to be answering our pray for more prayer walkers. I've also been daily meeting (by phone and at a safe physical distance at a shopping center across from our church) with a brother who is having a powerful awakening in his life after going to church, leading worship, yet ignoring the conviction of the Holy Spirit for over 50 years. I believe this is a season of hearts being softened by the Holy Spirit ... hearts of believers and of non-believers alike.

Michael Douglas ... MODESTO... we are connecting with secular radio stations ... each ministry area now understands a new role within the body of Christ ... pastors are now becoming Czars of Zoom. We are seeing folks on zoom that we haven't seen in years and years ... last thing ... angst between counties and Sacramento ... we need to be there for the community as people of peace.

Marci Patera ... (Justice Ministry) I've seen a huge increase in prayer ... SEEK WEEK ... 150 churches that came together for a week at noon for prayer and at 7 oclick for worship and prayer ... NorCal churches doing Zoom. I'm seeing much more unity than usual. Because things are online, I'm able to be more involved in church prayer metings that ever before. I lead a one day a week with one church on Zoom prayer room. Last week I focused on at risk youth foster kids, suicide issues and what's causing anxiety and depression ... I sense there's a revival coming ... on a call last night a persons parents goes to their church but also go online to watch another church ... expanding their spiritual input.

Kimberly Johnson: GO2020USA ( - seeing tremendous unity in prayer and neighboring. Working with GO2020. Seeing resources and creativity in reaching out ... more than every pele are being relational in our neighborhoods and social media and phones. FIrst few weeks there was hesitation to call people to action but we see momentum growing. Working with PULSE ( and Palau ( for the 30th to do evangelism training to send people out two by two to share the Gospel ... in the evening Palau is pulling together an event STORIES OF HOPE ( with testimonies of big name people and music, Toby Mac & Hillsong United and Andrew Palau preaching. Untie 714 ... Great Stier doing a program for Grads on Thursday ... Call tomorrow talking about Pentecost Sunday ... a global broadcast ... AMERICA PRAYS ( accelerating 24/7 prayer for all 50 states.

Jim Case in the FOX CITIES (Wisconsin)- grass roots activity is bring believers together from various churches. Making purposeful walks and asking people for prayer requests ... People are able to pause and get to know each other better than every before. Take a notebook to record prayer requests. A growing hunger for connection ... NEXT DOOR neighborhood app are participating ... about half the neighborhood is involved. Neighborhood churches are collaborating ... Teacher appreciation week ... next week engaging in a zoom call with school district's community partnership and volunteer coordinator. A couple of her peers are in the Phoenix area where SCHOOL CONNECT resides. School Connect ( is a wonderful ministry we've developed a close relationship with. School Connect builds partnerships between schools, businesses and the faith-based communities and has revolutionized the school districts in Phoenix and spilled out into neighborhood transformation. School Connect is in every school district in Phoenix and is headed towards involvement in every school district throughout Arizona. They are also opening up to help this to happen for the whole state of Wisconsin. This is where we've found traction in our cityreaching efforts ... neighborhoods owning and adopting the needs of their public schools. This spills out into neighborhood transformation.

Brent Taylor - WORSHIP CITY ( ... Learning how to have patience. Started out streaming ... people want connecting ... understand the power we have in our neighborhoods. We are a big box event ... how that plays a role in streaming, development, contact, growth and discipleship.

Mike Boler (Indianapolis) - Operations Officer for the CHRISTIAN EMERGENCY NETWORK regarding the current and predicted coming societal struggles created by the pandemic and the closing down of the economy. He also reviewed Ready Christian and Ready Church. Find more on these as well as Ready City at: