You are invited to join thousands of Christ followers who have decided to reach out with the love of Jesus to neighbors, friends, family, work associates, classmates, etc.  We believe that every person in America should have the opportunity of being authentically loved by at least one committed follower of Jesus Christ within this decade.

Since its beginning, LOVE2020 has been calling God’s people to a simple and powerful lifestyle of praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around us.  Following are the simple steps that we can take together.

  • PRAYER.  The Holy Spirit moves in wonderful and mysterious ways when we pray for people.  He convicts, woos, and draws people to Jesus.  Every follower of Jesus has the opportunity to pray for others to receive Him and enter His family.
  • CARE.  “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus commanded.  He personified that as He was moved with compassion by the needs of people.  Jesus responded to hurting people by caring in loving ways such as feeding the hungry, healing the sick and exhorting offended parties to be reconciled with one another.  Jesus said His true followers would be known by their lives of love.  Unconditional love is our DNA as committed followers of Jesus.
  • SHARE.  There are many ways we can be sharing the Gospel with others for whom we have been praying and caring.  It could be as simple as inviting them to a church service, a home Bible study, a movie, a concert or another special event where the Gospel message is being shared. Or we may guide them to an evangelistic website, a book, a DVD or share our personal testimony or engage them in a spiritual conversation.

We believe that it is time for a great movement of Godly love in the United States – and beyond.  It is time to recommit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ unreservedly and to share His love in deed and word with every possible person that God brings into our lives.

We are not asking you to become involved in another short-term program.  We believe that it is time for us to change our long-term lifestyles by becoming praying, caring and sharing followers of Jesus.   If only 10% of professing Christians in America would begin to aggressively live the life of love, it would be possible to express God’s love to every man, woman, young person and child in this nation by the year 2020.

We are praying that the thousands who are now involved will grow to become tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions who will become involved in a great movement of authentic love generated by our deep love for Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  May the love of God fill this nation as never before and spread to the other nations of the world.

It is time to share Christ’s love!