FEBRUARY 11, 2021 - You don't want to miss this month's call which featured Table Coalition leaders and staff, Jay Anderson, Abigail Hanson, Deena Kvasnik and Matt & Chisten Jacobs. Lots of good updates and looking ahead to where God is leading the Table Coalition.
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JANUARY 14, 2021 - Click on the date and use the following passcode: FCg%48+9
(3:45) Joel McGill of All America
shared from John 16 through 18 and brought a word for how the Church needs to prepare for what's coming in 2021
(10:50) Chuck Swanson - March for Jesus history and update on 2021
(13:59) John Kieffer (Wisconsin Cityreacher) shared on March for Jesus for Wisconsin and a word for how to Biblically repond to what the Church should be doing in light of and counter to the January 6th breach of the Capitol Building.
(16:04) Alan Doswald - ESA/LOVE Inc - Fresno (Had the largest BLM gathering with no violence ... essentially this was an answer to years of mobilizing prayer!) Looking for a revival of stewardship. A huge army in Fresno to do good and many pastors on board. Doing 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.
(21:46) Matt Jacobs of Sow Cincy (Currently Prayer & Fasting)
(24:25) Dave Gadoury - Rhode Island / Together Advance the Gospel / 24/7 Prayer / 9 Pastor led prayer gatherings across RI
(36:25) Dave Gadoury shared a great prayer-care-share story as a church reaching out to one of the neediest elementary schools in their area.
(43:30) Bob Fox, Virginia Beach. Shared about a recent as well as an upcoming March for Jesus. Co-pastoring and finishing a book. 757 Ministry listing all the ministries in their area code. Fellowship of pastors agreeing to share buildings and worship teams and bringing in the net together.
(48:25) Joel McGill - Reported that he and Kathy Branzell are working on putting together a number of locations for gathering cityreachers to share best practices and increase a passion for reaching every soul in our cities.

DECEMBER 10, 2020 - Click on the date
Reviewing 2020 and Looking ahead to 2021
Reports from:
Michael Douglas - Advancing Vibrant Communities - Modesto, CA
(6:00) Joel McGill / All America
(10:12) Neil Cox / Indy Christian
(14:38) Dave Imboden / Table Coalition and LOVE2020 Web Research & Events Calendar
(18:50) Alan Doswald - ESA/LOVE Inc
(23:05) Randy Schoof - Love Fox Valley
(28:15) Kathy Branzell - National Day of Prayer & United in Love
(34:10) Ben Sanders - Executive Dir. Campus Christian Center (C3 Tempe)
(39:35) Thomas Claiborne - Phoenix - My Brother's Keeper & The Collective
(43:00) Jarvis Ward - PEARSON Foundation, Pearl MS
(44:28) Matt Jacobs - Sow Cincy
(44:08) Jim Case - The Fox Cities (Wisconsin)
(50:58) John Kieffer - faciliating discussion on what's coming up for 2021
(54:15) Joel McGill - How to mobilize together - next round of states later in the spring early summer - round table gatherings - synergy on a national level - KS, TN, NM finalizing plans for meetings.
(56:50) Jarvis Ward - asked for overview of direction of these Cityreaching calls.
(57:45) Ben Sanders strongly affirmed the value of the calls and encouraged its future work.
(58:44) John Kieffer shared the purpose of the calls:
Connecting Collaborating, Communicating and Celebrating ... what's working & what's not working.

NOVEMBER 12, 2020 - Guests included: Kathy Branzell, Director of the National Day of Prayer; Kanita Benson, Director of United in Love and Joel McGill, with All.America.
Kathy and Kanita brought an introduction to the the NDOP’s upcoming and soon to be released United in Love initiative, while Joel updated us on the status of All.America.

OCTOBER 8, 2020 - October's guest was Phil Miglioratti, Dir. of Prayer INC and Curator for ReimagineFORUM @ Pray.Network & Discipleship.Network.
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 - September’s guest was Ebony Small, (Bio) VP of Multiplication for Pulse and author of The Leader in You ~ Discovering Your Unexpected Path to Influence (IVP, 2020).
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AUGUST 10, 2020 - August’s guests were Gary Frost, (Bio) National Director for March for Jesus and Chuck Swanson, NE Regional Director for March for Jesus. Both brothers shared insights from this year’s first “wave” of re-birthing a U.S. expression of March for Jesus and about next year’s plans, including a September unveiling of a new web site under the url: Jesus.global. Other mentions included: David’s Tent DC and 10 Days 120 Cities.

MAY 14, 2020 - Christian Emergency Network Operations Officer, Michael Boler brought a sense of where we are with current COVID-related civil unrest and its potential increase in the days ahead, as well as Cityreaching reports and an update from Kimberly Johnson from GO2020USA.
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~ See notes

APRIL 9, 2020 - Kathy Branzell reports on Pulse All-Day LEADERSHIP CHECK-IN,  National Day of Prayer. See notes.

MARCH 12, 2020 - Nat'l Day of Prayer Director, Kathy Branzell shares about leveraging the National Day of Prayer as a catalyst for Gospel Cityreaching. Ready Indy's Neil Cox shares how cityreaching ministries are helping local churches to become a part of disaster preparations (with an emphasis on the COVID 19 virus). See notes.

FEBUARY 13, 2020 - Emphasis: Best Practices in Prayer - Care - Share.  See notes.

JANUARY 9, 2020 - Various cityreaching updates - See notes.

DECEMBER 12, 2019 - Emphasis on GO2020USA's initiative for MAY 2020 - Kimberly Johnson, assistant to Dave Gibson, Dir. of GO2020USA

NOVEMBER 14, 2019 - Call not recorded, but notes available

OCTOBER 10, 2019 - Emphasis on Sharing in our cities.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 - Emphasis on Caring for our cities

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