National Cityreaching Call Report – November 14, 2019

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Integrating Prayer, Care, Share in CityReaching Movements

Participants: Chad and Ashley Wleczyk and Brent Taylor (Milwaukee), Sherri Baierl (Green Bay), David Gadoury (Rhode Island), Al Buchweitz (Cincinnati), Kathy Branzell (Atlanta), Marci Patera, (Bay Area), Roger Matthews (Michigan), John Kieffer (Wisconsin)

Al Buchweitz (Cincinnati) shared how prayerful acts of kindness have been a successful way to share Christ with people. Integrating differently gifted people to meet social needs. Sharing the Gospel in deed and word. Make Kindness Great Again Toilet Tour!

Dave Gadoury (Rhode Island) shared what has been working on in the Northeast and the importance of listening and relationship building. 40 Days of love has been a great catalyst! &

Kathy Branzell (Nat’l Day of Prayer & LOVE2020) shared how bringing together the Seven Mountains in your community can truly integrate PCS. Bring the streams together through building prayer bridges across the mountains and building relationships.
LOVE2020 Affinities Spheres &

Roger Matthews (Michigan) shared the importance of chaplaincy in the workplace and community in integrating Prayer-Care-Share.
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Chad Wleczyk and Brent Taylor (Milwaukee) talked about community wide worship gatherings and marketplace integration.

Sherri Baierl (Green Bay) talked about networking in her community.

Marci Patera (Justice / LA) shared how in her justice work she joins with existing ministries to serve them and build relationships through prayer and working together. This opens doors for them collaborate.

John Kiefer (Wisconsin) talked about going to other tables without expecting them to come to ours.

We had an excellent time of prayer together!

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