Presented by Dave Imboden ([email protected]) & Jerry Wiles ([email protected])

History of Cityreaching

Where is cityreaching happening in Canada?

Kinds of Cityreaching Collaboration in the USSee List of Cityreaching Ministries – Global Evangelism Initiative mobilizing towards a month of outreach May 2020

GO2020USA – Is a NEW INITIATIVE for National Prayer-Care-Share Strategy

LOVE2020 – The original Prayer-Care-Share initiative under Mission America Coalition (Now Table Coalition)

Connecting with Orality

2016 Mission America Coalition / LOVE2020 gathering in Long Beach

Jerry Wiles and Mark Snowden – Orality Sphere Leaders

Booklet created for MAC/LOVE2020: ORALITY IN AMERICA

INTRODUCTION, David Swarr, Executive Director, Int’l Orality Network

1. The Orality Movement – Jerry Wiles

Learning from the global movement and early church, why the movement is working today

2. Making Disciple-makers – Mark Snowden

Evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leader training issues

3. Awakening to America’s Spiritual Climate – Butch Vernon Awareness, problems, and opportunities

4. Establishing the Authority of God’s Word – Rick Leatherwood Biblical illiteracy and the need for Oral Bibles

5. Training to be reproducible – Regina Manley & Mark Snowden

Oralizing for reproducibility. Learn where there is movement, learn from it, pollinate.

6. Orality and Millennials — When Literates Stop Reading-Jay Moon Secondary orality, literate leaders and their responsibilities

7. Caring Enough to Communicate Orally – Charles Madinger

8. Practices in Orality, compiled by Mark Snowden

America’s examples that have and are working

How Can Orality Continue to Impact Cityreaching Collaboration?

Orality Sphere Leaders & Input

Orality Leaders Team for Cityreaching?




Where does your ministry connect with this?

Training Opportunities – Online (Ideally see training in most states/provinces and every region)

Stories – Best selling point for orality: An appeal for more stories on ION and other sites

Social Media – Potentially/ideally a LOVE2020 Orality Facebook & other social media

What other Orality ministries fit into this?