Interceding for all peoples, particularly those who have an oral-learning preference

  • Pray for changed hearts among church and ministry leaders to address the needs of 70% of Americans prefer oral methods
  • Pray for God to unleash a disciple-making movement so that oral learners have an opportunity to learn based on their learning preference
  • Pray for churches and ministries to make disciples of all peoples, particularly oral learners


Making known ways to care for oral learners among church and ministry leaders

  • Challenge churches and ministries to remove literate worldview barriers and use oral methods such as Bible stories that form an oral Bible, drama, skits, and other creative expressions to bring God’s Word alive in highly relational formats.
  • Care enough to survey communities using the results to address oral learners by the methods they prefer
  • Include oral methods in worship formats, discipleship studies, evangelization efforts, and leader training


Making disciple-makers with oral methods that are simple, reproducible and transferable

  • Convey the Gospel story, not just your own story of faith, including relevant stories and proverbs
  • Provide examples of small groups that reproduce themselves through oral methods
  • Bring spiritual transformation through evangelism and discipleship that discover and apply biblical truths through oral methods
  • Provide the Gospel in methods that are reproducible through oral means; not just verbally or using audio recordings, but pulling from oral Bibles to share Truths conversationally


Orality Nexus: The Learning Journey in the Orality Movement – Emily VanHuis was a High School senior when she did this research project, her thesis on “Orality in Missions.”  

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