Pray With Eyes Wide Open

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When we pray with our life wide open, we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our behavior, change our direction, and shape our daily decisions. As we do this, opportunities to communicate with God come flooding in with surprising regularity. We no longer “try to pray” or “work at praying more.” Speaking to God and hearing from our Lord become the norm.

As our life becomes a dialogue with God, we also find ourselves praying for others with consistency and with others with growing regularity. The little and inconsequential things become an occasion to talk with God, and the big things move us to conversation with the only one who can manage the universe and our lives.

Praying with our life open to God will lead us to the undeniable conclusion that God hears our prayers, God delights to answer, and something happens every time we pray.



Sherry Harney serves as the leadership development director at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California. She is also the cofounder of Organic Outreach International. Her writing and speaking focuses on prayer, spiritual formation, leadership, and organic outreach.

Excerpts from Praying with Eyes Wide Open: A Life-Changing Way to Talk with God by Sherry Harney with Kevin G. Harney. Used by permission of the publisher, Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.