for everyone touched by the criminal justice system, that they would know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and that God’s presence would bring peace, justice, and forgiveness. 

Pray for Prisoners

That they would know Jesus, and seek forgiveness for their sins, including those that led to incarceration.

That God would reveal ways that they can make restitution, and find reconciliation with those who have been injured by their actions.

That prisoners would forgive those who have wronged them.

That God would deliver those who struggle with addiction.

That peace would prevail in the prisons.

For those that are wrongly convicted, that justice would prevail.

Pray for Prisoners’ Families

That they would know Jesus as Savior and families would be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That God would break strongholds and generational patterns of violence, addiction, poverty, abuse, father absence, and all other strongholds in prisoners and their families.

That God would provide for physical needs of families.

That God would protect children caught in their families’ destructive lifestyles.

That the church would have a burden for families in their communities and wisdom about how to intervene in the lives of families

Pray for Victims and their families

For strength, courage, and healing as they deal with the physical and emotional scars for being violated by crime.

That they would know the forgiveness of God for their own sins, and have the ability to forgive their offenders, and know peace

Pray for Correctional Staff

That they would know Jesus as their Savior

For protection from the physical and emotional risks of the high stress workplace.

For the wisdom and courage to deal humanely with those in their charge.

That God would preserve and protect marriages.

That the correctional staff would have a clear mission of preparing prisoners for effective release and reintegration into society.

Pray for the Judiciary

That judges, attorneys, and all other officers of the court would know Jesus as Savior and Lord, and know His vision of justice

That officers of the court would be more concerned about truth and integrity, than about winning a case.

Pray for Christian Prison Ministries

That they would have a strong relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord, and serve with humility.

For unity among prison ministers of various denominational backgrounds, and that they would be able to focus on the central truths of the Gospel message

For health and strength, and that they would not be weary in well-doing.

That you would give them a vision for discipling believers in the prison, and preparing them for release and reentry

That they would learn how to effectively present the Gospel message to those of other faiths.


For those who claim Christ as Savior in each of the groups named above would be able to show Jesus love to each other within the groups, and across group boundaries.  The nature of the criminal justice system demands that members of some groups maintain a posture of professional distance and objectivity from other groups.  However, even with those limitations it is possible to show the love of Jesus in a way that is obvious and does not compromise the objectivity of the relationship.  Often this is as simple as a smile or showing common courtesy between individuals who may otherwise be at odds with each other.

This video about Louis Dooley shows how inmates CARED for Louis Dooley and it introduced him to Jesus and changed his life

This facebook page is a place to connect with others who which to live and promote a PRAYER-CARE-SHARE lifestyle in prison and in the criminal justice system.

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Prepare yourself to share the Gospel in a simple understandable way one on one with another individual.  Below are some resources to help you prepare: