Awaken the Dawn – Tent America 2019 Campuses

David Imboden

Imagine if the 101 university campuses from (Tent America) 2018 became 500 university campuses and tens of thousands of students, along with tents in every state capitol. We believe this is happening and it is part of God’s rescue mission to a generation. We are dedicating the first half of 2019 to mobilizing campuses, training students, and building the national family. God is breathing on this moment in a special way and we are witnessing the first rumblings of a great awakening in our nation. We believe that God is raising up his student leaders on every university campus across this nation. What started in 2018, on 101 campuses, is multiplying in the coming years to hundreds and even thousands of Universities. We are talking about 50-hour tent gatherings of worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation, happening simultaneously across all of America, on October 17-19, 2019. Truly, this is an hour for the worth of Jesus to go viral.

Awaken Hope – Mom’s In Prayer Int’l Conference – Carlsbad, CA

David Imboden

Awaken Hope! Get ready for our 35th Anniversary Celebration in San Diego, CA on October 11-12th! A 2-day International Gathering with worship that awakens, biblical messages that empower & prayer that will shape the next generation. Save the date!

Day of Renewal – Smith Mountain Lake, VA

David Imboden

The Day of Renewal Regional Events are designed to inspire and equip you in building a supernaturally empowered ministry. This is a great opportunity for your entire leadership team to find practical tools and a fresh vision for a ministry powered by prayer.

Most importantly, you will get to see these principles in action. All our Day of Renewal events feature local churches and pastors that have seen exceptional growth and impact in the area of prayer. Contrary to some conferences, you will hear from local church pastors who are modeling what they are teaching, and will give you practical insight to help you succeed in your ministry context.

We are excited to parter with Pastor Troy Keaton and EastLake Community Church in Moneta, VA for this special gathering. This experience will include a church-wide prayer gathering led by Daniel Henderson and Troy Keaton providing you with first hand experience of what vibrant corporate prayer gatherings could look like in your setting.

New Room Conference (Awakening) – Nashville

David Imboden

The New Room Conference, named after the first meeting house of the Wesleyan-Methodist movement in Bristol, England, aspires to be a humble meeting with a holy God. What began a few years ago with a couple of hundred people today exceeds a couple of thousand. Our hope is to encourage and equip this global community (and beyond) to recover its roots and extend its reach as an awakening movement, person by person, band by band, church by church, to every village, town, and city, in every state, country, and continent until the ending of all things broken and the beginning of all things new.

Revival Weekend (College Students) – Nashville

David Imboden

Revival Weekend is a 2 1/2 day training for college students and young adults that focuses on equipping you to reach your sphere with the Gospel and to see revival in your city.

Kissed by the Son: Revive & Reform – Northfield, MA

David Imboden

Kissed by the Son: Revive and Reform! is focused on experiencing and knowing the love and reviving presence of God, and bringing God’s kingdom to our spheres of influence, resulting in civic and social reformation in America. The topic also anticipates the upcoming 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing in 2020.

Guest speakers include Eric Metaxas, Chuck Pierce, Phil Zaldatte, Mark Fee, Paul Jehle, Jon and Jolene Hamill, Dick and Mardi Keyes, and John Rankin.