Good for All Conference (Loving Our Communities) – Des Moines, IA

David Imboden

Join us as we learn from thought leaders, pastors, and church innovators how we can love our community better and share the Good News winsomely and effectively.

Our time together will propel you to deepen your Christian life and confidently shine the light of the gospel. Good For All will empower ALL Christ-followers — growing disciples, leaders, pastors, and community/professional leaders.

Movement Day Tucson (Cityreaching)

David Imboden

What areas, once aligned with God’s ways, will create a culture of greater economic opportunity? At Movement Day we will cultivate sowing seeds.

Who are the leaders in key positions of our city? Who will champion biblical prosperity for those that most need to understand it? At Movement Day we will plant abundant fruit.

Come together with a biblical strategy. Address systemic causes of poverty.
Imagine the fruit that would be produced in our city. At Movement Day we will grow.

Movement Day Virginia Cities – Norfolk, Newport News & Williamsburg

David Imboden

On November 15-16, 2019 there will be 3 gatherings in Virginia cities bringing the body of Christ together with civic leaders to educate, cast vision, and to point toward an actionable plan. The plan is to define outcomes for each of the participating cities for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Somebody Cares Global Summit 2019 – Houston

David Imboden

– Hear redemption stories from those with “boots on the ground” of what God is doing in communities across the country;
– Understand the power of moral capital in public service;
– Learn principles of resiliency from battle tested leaders;
– Tabernacle with the Lord in prayer and worship during the Feast of Tabernacles;
– Take part in Tent America in Houston with 50 straight hours of worship on-site;
– Be renewed with a Kingdom Mindset for the days ahead;
– Connect with and learn from like-minded believers;
– Glean from seasoned and godly leaders like Roger Helle, Maj. General Bob Dees (ret.), Dr. Doug Stringer, and more;
– Experience practical and spiritual equipping for impact;
– Be sent out with vision, purpose and power!

Transform Our World Global Conference – Monterey Bay, CA

David Imboden

Our 29th Annual Transform Our World Global Conference to be held in the stunning Monterey Bay, California, with a newly designed program that will engage the whole family in a Transformation experience during both general sessions, as well as free time designed for networking and relationship building.

The Table Coalition National Conference – Los Angeles

David Imboden

Launching on the 70-year anniversary of Billy Graham’s tent revival in Los Angeles, we are calling leaders across America to dream and pray toward the next Jesus Movement.

With a 2020 Year of the Bible launching, come to plan and strategize toward an effort to saturate America with the pray, care, share lifestyle as never before.

Bless Our Schools Sunday

David Imboden

Every year on the third Sunday in September, churches around the world pray for the schools, teachers, staff, and students in their congregation.

As a result, students and staff feel bolstered in prayer and ready to stand firm in Christ. Moms unfamiliar with Moms in Prayer discover a powerful way to impact the lives of their children and schools.