Using Mobile Phones in Missions (Media, Storytelling & Technology) 5 Week Course

David Imboden

Using Mobile Phones in Missions is a five-week course that will increase your ministry’s effectiveness by engaging the lost through their mobile device. Each participant will learn to assess the media situation of their target audience, identify opportunities for using their mobile device and implement an appropriate media outreach.
What You’ll Get From This Course
* Insight and inspiration on how God is using the mobile revolution as the most recent “Roman road” for the Gospel.
* Foundational training in using your mobile device in ministry (evangelism, discipleship, church planting).
* Connections with expert instructors and like minded peers around the world.
* Culturally and technologically appropriate mobile tools and techniques for your ministry environment.
* Practice in developing media for your own ministry context.
* Resources to provide you further direction after the course.
* Be prayed for each week by a dedicated prayer partner.