Alpha Conference 2020 – Phoenix

David Imboden

Cultivating Kingdom Culture compels us to arrange our conversations, thoughts, plans, and prayers around what God is doing now and ask, “How are we impacting the mission of Jesus?”

You’re invited into the conversation with leaders from across denominations to discover together, as the Church, ways to sustain the present move of God in today’s culture. With a focus on prayer, evangelization, renewal in the Spirit, and unity in the body of Christ, the conference is a time we collectively ask the Holy Spirit to come and transform our lives, churches, communities, and nation.

We believe God is igniting a movement of His power and presence and we get to be a part of it.

We hope you’ll join us!

Somebody Cares Global Summit 2019 – Houston

David Imboden

– Hear redemption stories from those with “boots on the ground” of what God is doing in communities across the country;
– Understand the power of moral capital in public service;
– Learn principles of resiliency from battle tested leaders;
– Tabernacle with the Lord in prayer and worship during the Feast of Tabernacles;
– Take part in Tent America in Houston with 50 straight hours of worship on-site;
– Be renewed with a Kingdom Mindset for the days ahead;
– Connect with and learn from like-minded believers;
– Glean from seasoned and godly leaders like Roger Helle, Maj. General Bob Dees (ret.), Dr. Doug Stringer, and more;
– Experience practical and spiritual equipping for impact;
– Be sent out with vision, purpose and power!