Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable 2019 – Toronto

David Imboden

Refugee ministry practitioners from across North America will join together Oct 23-25, 2019 at The Peoples Church in Toronto for the @RHPNA Roundtable. Join us to network, learn, collaborate and be inspired! Registration will open in April 2019

Missions Fest Seattle – Scatter 2019

David Imboden

The purpose of Missions Fest Seattle is to glorify God by raising the awareness of mission activity within Christ’s body of believers and by uniting and empowering members of local congregations to work together in obedience to the Great Commission.

Issachar Summit (World Mission) – Minneapolis

David Imboden

The Summit program features strategic ministry leaders and Kingdom investors. All marketplace leaders and ministry/church leaders who want to hear the progress of the Great Commission and vision about how they can be involved are encouraged to attend. Attendees will be challenged to innovate and collaborate in new, extraordinary ways as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our generation.


99.7% of mission activities and funds are directed toward growing the Church where it already exists.

Only 0.3% of mission resources are focused on taking the name of Jesus to places where the Church is NOT…at least, not yet.

Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference – Orlando

David Imboden

What does our future hold? How do we react to the changes and challenges of the future? How do we create the future? Join us at the annual Mission Leaders Conference as we wrestle with the rapid pace of change and its fallout. This year’s theme, Future Mission, is a challenging look at the future of missions and the Great Commission.

National African American Missions Conference 2019 – Vienna, VA

David Imboden

NAAMC exist as a conference to transform attendees into effective advocates in establishing a global missions ministry within their local church. Secondarily, NAAMC promotes initial short-term experiences in missions (through their mission agency partners) that may lead to long-term service if desired. Lastly, we endeavor to equip church influencers and innovators to take action in keeping their churches involved in the Great Commission.

International Day for the Unreached

David Imboden

DOOR International, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), The Seed Company and TWR (Trans World Radio) bring to 14 the members of the Alliance for the Unreached, which hosts the annual International Day for the Unreached (, to be celebrated for the fourth time on June 9, 2019—Pentecost Sunday.

Between them representing many years of activity, a wide range of groundbreaking missions efforts and a large network of supporters, the alliance members are championing the need for greater emphasis on ministry to the 2 billion people in the world who have heard little or nothing of the good news of Jesus.

By informing people more about the needs of these unreached, the alliance hopes to spur greater support for and involvement in new missions endeavors that will help fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission to “go into all the world.”

My Church Can Reach the Nations Among Us – Philadelphia

David Imboden

Would you like the people in your church to be more intentional about reaching out to immigrants, refugees, and students living in your community? Would you like to learn from other church leaders how they engage their congregation in crossing cultural divides to befriend and share the gospel?

This informal gathering is designed to highlight different ways that churches like yours are training and involving their people in cross-cultural outreach with their neighbors and colleagues. Plan to join us and bring other leaders from your church with you!

Int’l Wholistic Missions Conference – Lenexa, KS

David Imboden

OUR OBJECTIVE – To connect, educate, and equip churches and organizations for integral ministries that transform lives, families, and communities through the power of the Gospel of Jesus.

OUR VISION – We pray that those who attend the 2019 International Wholistic Missions Conference will be called into ACTION, will have opportunities for COLLABORATION with other people and organizations, and learn tools for TRANSFORMATION in their own lives and in communities throughout the world.

OUR VALUES – Integration and Wholism – We recognize an integral relationship between the physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Our programs seek the total development of the whole person and community

FOCUS Coach Training (Missions in the Local Church) – Chicago

David Imboden

Catalyst Services has developed 10 missions coach-led workshops: 6 workshops walk a church through the FOCUSing process ~ 4 workshops address key areas of implementation. In this training, coaches receive all of the resources to lead churches through these 10 sessions–including detailed leader notes, PowerPoint presentations, and video clips, plus optional learning approaches. Missions Coaches are trained for coaching multiple churches or just their own church.