Foundations of Media to Movements (5-Week / Online Course)

David Imboden

What You’ll Get From This Course

+ A foundational overview of a field-driven media strategy philosophy.
+ Tools and encouragement to develop an intentional outreach strategy using new media so you and your team are more effective in evangelism.
+ Training on how to wrap content around your strategy instead of wrapping strategy around your content in order to best reach your target audience.
+ Insights on reaching “least-reached” peoples.
+ Access to current “best practice” resources from thought leaders around the world.
+ Connections with expert instructors and like minded peers around the world.
+ Be prayed for each week by a dedicated prayer partner.

Introduction to Story in Ministry – 5 Week Online Course

David Imboden

How well do you understand story? How well does your organization understand story? It has been said, “he who has the best story wins.” But in reality, “the one who tells the best story wins.” That person wins our attention, our interest and our loyalty. As Christ followers, we have the Greatest Story Ever Told. Yet we do not always tell it well. We rob God of His glory when we do not inspire people to consider the only Narrative that gives life abundant and eternal. This is why we want to see a movement of God’s people communicating timeless truth through story leading to life-change through Jesus.

Story in Ministry is a five-week course that teaches the essential elements of story for those seeking to better communicate the message of Christ and kingdom whether a story is oral, written or filmed.