Good for All Conference (Loving Our Communities) – Des Moines, IA

David Imboden

Join us as we learn from thought leaders, pastors, and church innovators how we can love our community better and share the Good News winsomely and effectively.

Our time together will propel you to deepen your Christian life and confidently shine the light of the gospel. Good For All will empower ALL Christ-followers — growing disciples, leaders, pastors, and community/professional leaders.

CANCELLED: Lead The Cause (Youth Evangelism Training) – Denver

David Imboden

Lead THE Cause is a summer teen evangelism training event where your students are trained to be “on mission” for life. They’ll come home passionate for God and others and armed with a strategy and plan to build God’s Kingdom within their community. Your teens will gain confidence in their faith, know how to start and engage others in gospel conversations, and be lit on fire to see everyone in their world know Jesus.

PENDING: Do Something Church Conference – San Diego, CA

David Imboden

Rock Church is one of the most successful outreach churches in America with over 140+ active ministries, run by volunteers. Register to attend today and get first pick at over 10 different ministry breakouts and off-site outreach excursions. According to data the average church in America has one employee per 64 attendees. At Rock Church there is one employee per every 151 attendees. By choosing to attend the Do Something Church Conference, we will show you how to turn your congregation into an outreach army, focused on impacting the Kingdom of God and growing church attendance in new and amazing ways.

Go 2020 – Month of Evangelism – Global

David Imboden

During the entire month of May 2020, our goal is to mobilize 100 million Christians to share the Gospel. We believe that together with many denominations and ministries it will be possible to reach 1 BILLION people with the Gospel.

RESCHEDULED: One Hope – College Station

David Imboden

A movement of visible unity, extraordinary prayer, personal evangelism, and a catalytic event that would lead to sustainable community gospel transformation.

Space Coast CityFest 2020

David Imboden

Space Coast CityFest is a region-wide evangelistic campaign focused on serving the region and proclaiming the Good News. It came about as a result of years of prayer and planning by hundreds of leaders in Brevard County and the surrounding area. The vision is to see the Christian community come together in greater unity, service, and proclamation – showing the community at-large the joy, peace, and love of Jesus Christ.

The National Campus Summit – Kansas City

David Imboden

We invite you to join stakeholders and leaders in youth ministry from churches, organizations and cities across America. Together we will shape strategy to reach every middle and high school student with the love and truth of Jesus Christ at 67,000 campuses.

The Summit is a vital link that connects the past and propels us into the future. We will share progress and best practices, and collaborate to close the gap so that there is a “pray-care-share” ministry presence at every school. The Summit is hosted by the Campus Alliance, a diverse coalition of leaders representing over 60 organizations and denominations.

Together we can do something no one can accomplish alone. Join other leaders at the National Campus Summit!

Somebody Cares Global Summit 2019 – Houston

David Imboden

– Hear redemption stories from those with “boots on the ground” of what God is doing in communities across the country;
– Understand the power of moral capital in public service;
– Learn principles of resiliency from battle tested leaders;
– Tabernacle with the Lord in prayer and worship during the Feast of Tabernacles;
– Take part in Tent America in Houston with 50 straight hours of worship on-site;
– Be renewed with a Kingdom Mindset for the days ahead;
– Connect with and learn from like-minded believers;
– Glean from seasoned and godly leaders like Roger Helle, Maj. General Bob Dees (ret.), Dr. Doug Stringer, and more;
– Experience practical and spiritual equipping for impact;
– Be sent out with vision, purpose and power!