CANCELLED: Work as Worship LIVE STREAM Retreat

David Imboden

Join us for our 2020 Work as Worship Retreat to learn how your faith integrates with your work. Network with other Christians in the workforce in YOUR area as you learn how your work really is worship.

PENDING: Do Something Church Conference – San Diego, CA

David Imboden

Rock Church is one of the most successful outreach churches in America with over 140+ active ministries, run by volunteers. Register to attend today and get first pick at over 10 different ministry breakouts and off-site outreach excursions. According to data the average church in America has one employee per 64 attendees. At Rock Church there is one employee per every 151 attendees. By choosing to attend the Do Something Church Conference, we will show you how to turn your congregation into an outreach army, focused on impacting the Kingdom of God and growing church attendance in new and amazing ways.

CANCELLED: 4/14 Global Leaders Summit (Children) – New York City

David Imboden

The 4/14 Movement Global Leaders Summit, FRESH EYES, is a special gathering of leaders, practitioners, advocates and anyone dreaming of more for this emerging generation. It will be a packed 4 nights and 3 days, with inspiring speakers, powerful worship, breakout sessions and practical training.

RESCHEDULED: Micro Church Summit – Cullman, GA

David Imboden

Immediate. Radical. Obedience.

That is what it will take to reach our families, our friends, our communities. The MC Summit is a training-based conference for like-minded leaders with a heart to make disciples and spread the Gospel.

Join us for a three-day training to learn how to engage and impact the lost in your community through developing a disciple making and Micro-Church strategy.

CANCELLED: ReTHINK Apologetics Student Conference – Birmingham, AL

David Imboden

Are the students in your home, church, or youth group prepared for what lies ahead? Sadly, most Christian students are ill-prepared for an aggressive secular campus and culture. It’s time to step up the training of our young people. Stand to Reason will help you do just that.

Pray New England 2020 – Newport, RI

David Imboden

For some time now, there has been a ground swell of prayer networks and renewed passion in the Body of Christ throughout our region. There is a real sense of awakening on the horizon. Everyone we speak with seems to echo the same observations, and we are excited for what is to come!

God has invited us all into His Kingdom building work, and it is our intention to participate in every way that He allows. This three day initiative is designed bring together ministry leaders and intercessors to both celebrate what God is doing, as well as refine our efforts of leading our circles into revitalized and effective prayer.

For three decades, Daniel Henderson has guided individuals, leaders, and churches to embrace experiences of powerful spiritual renewal. He has served as a senior pastor to thousands in congregations in California and Minnesota. Today he speaks across the nation at leadership conferences and local churches while coaching pastors and business leaders in the principles of a strategic and spiritually significant life.

Christian Community Health Fellowship Conference 2020

David Imboden

CCHF Conference 2020 is a truly unique experience.  It is the only conference designed for people like you – who see medicine as a calling, and are committed to missional, faith-driven healthcare here in the United States.

You will be inspired with a vision of what it means to live out the gospel through healthcare and equipped with super-practical tools to be faithful and effective in extending Christ’s love through excellent, appropriate, holistic healthcare. Each workshop, discussion group and plenary session features best practices presented by experts who share from a Christian faith perspective. 

Conference 2020 is relational. You will meet like-hearted disciples who are willing to share, listen, and pray with you.  Students, practitioners, support staff and executive leaders come together to share their stories, knowledge and insights – and to be family. 

If you see medicine as more than a career choice – as a calling to serve Christ – then these are your people.  Using your career to serve God intentionally is the most fulfilling way to live your life.  CCHF Conference 2020 will help you to achieve that life.

Multiply DMM Summit 2020 (Disciple-Making Multiplication) – Chicago

David Imboden

We are carefully and prayerfully monitoring the situation. And we feel the Lord’s leading to say, Multiply DMM SUMMIT 2020 is still on! We trust you to discern the Lord’s best regarding your personal involvement, and we are looking forward to a very edifying time—with lots of hand washing! More info? Check out: and “COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As We Think” Please pray for the conference in all its dimensions – this is obviously a spiritual battle. (Announcement published on LOVE2020’s site: March 11, 2020)