Our Sphere exists to serve the other Love2020 spheres.  Rather than coming up with independent technology initiatives, we view technology as an “enabler” and support arm for strategy/process.  Therefore, we provide tools the other spheres need to operationalize their strategies/initiatives or connect them to others in our IT network who can provide the systems they need. 


  • Encourage Sphere leaders to consider opportunities to leverage technology to facilitate achievement of their Love2020 objectives
  • Articulate the services of our Sphere – i.e. identifying existing systems in the marketplace, brainstorming potential technology solutions, and making connections to individuals or firms who have IT capabilities or competencies related to that particular sphere’s needs
  • Publicize the availability of our Sphere’s services through channels deemed appropriate by Love2020 leadership
  • Carry out our service offerings as requested by either Sphere or Love2020 leaders
  • Make Meet The Need available to all Spheres and Love2020 at no charge as needed to connect networks of those in need with those who can help

Prayer Needs

  • For more Spheres to take advantage of opportunity to engage our Sphere’s service offerings
  • For our IT network to expand and grow stronger, despite natural tendencies for each to prioritize individual goals over collective impact
  • For more chances to practice collaboration across IT firms in support of Kingdom objectives