Why Isn’t Your Church Growing?

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We’ve studied thousands of churches and discovered why so few are growing – not only in terms of size but in impact, influence and public perception.  In other words, experiencing healthy growth where love for the Lord and others is so overwhelming that it can’t be contained within a church building – and bursts out into the streets.

Our Assessment shows you the Biblical, proven keys to revitalize your church and dramatically increase its visibility and reach in your city.

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Any organization that defines itself or its target “customer” incorrectly is bound to struggle.  That’s why the church in America is declining in growth, impact, influence and perception.  Not many church leaders today truly treat members as the church and the community as the “customer” – the model followed by Jesus, his disciples and the church for over 1900 years.

Discover whether your church has redefined those terms and is either (inadvertently or knowingly):

  • Challenging vs. Catering
  • Empowering vs. Enabling
  • Discipling vs. Dispensing
  • Retaining vs. Releasing
  • Caring vs. Checking the “box”

Find out how your church scores relative to other churches on each of those contrasting tendencies.

Learn what issues your peers typically face when they disproportionately emphasize the latter vs. the former.

Finally, receive instant access to our recommendations for putting your church back on the road to healthy growth and significant Kingdom impact!

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