Without Love

AdminCoaching Corner

by Rick Ezell

Action without love is worthless. Words without love are meaningless. Argument without love is empty. Policy without love is insignificant. Knowledge without love is hollow. Sacrifice without love is of no worth. Without love, life is, in a profound sense, inarticulate, valueless, and unreal.

Love is not just a precious quality of life; it is life itself.

Take away love, the essential ingredient and all our religious activities are like a car without wheels, a train without an engine, a plane without wings, or a house without a foundation. Take away love and we are left with zero.

Without love our words and actions are bridges without a roadway. The structure is present but the means by which people cross to connect with one another does not exist. Love transforms programs into ministries, high-tech events into high-touch relationships. Our gifts and actions are merely a means to an end. The end is extending the worth and value of the person. Our words and actions are the vehicle by which love is communicated.

The world may forget what we say, but they will never forget how we love.

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