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Prayer for every teenager in America is essential in bringing God’s presence and power to the lives of over 26 million high school and middle school students. Through prayer God opens hearts and brings blessing to teens, educators and schools. Prayer will literally change the spiritual atmosphere in a community.

Pray for Students…

  • That they would be protected and safe at their schools.
  • Christian teens will be strengthened in their faith in Christ, that they would be wise and serve others around them with good deeds and good news.
  • Every teen in America would have a chance to clearly hear the Gospel of Jesus and know Him personally.

Students go to claimyourcampus.com to begin a prayer group at your school.

Pray for Educators…

  • That at every school educators will experience the love and concern of Christ through Christian students, parents and pastors.
  • God would give wisdom to the administrators, teachers and school board members in every school district.
  • Educators and school leaders would come to know Christ personally.

Educators go discover great resources available to them from CEAI for prayer support.

Pray for Parents and Youth Leaders…

  • That families, churches and youth leaders will become involved in reaching out to the broad body of students in their communities and schools.
  • Youth leaders, churches and organizations would unite and support one another to reach out to every student.
  • Families in communities would be restored by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Mom’s join with the Mom’s In Prayer group in your area, or begin one by going to their website.



Caring for students and youth demonstrates the greatness and compassion of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus was keenly aware of the needs of those he came in contact with, we, too, can follow his example.

Care ideas… 

  • Volunteer at your church or community youth programs to help youth.
  • Offer help to your city for park and playground clean up, and other youth needs.
  • Volunteer at your local school as a mentor or support staff. Offer to mentor students who need help with class work.
  • Be available to the school administration to help counsel students with special needs.
  • Organize teacher appreciation events on and off the campus.
  • Encourage your church to research what needs exist at the school facility, classrooms, physical needs and staff needs, and ask for ways to serve these needs.
  • Team with organizations in your community to feed and serve poor and disadvantaged students, assuring nutrition and health.



The greatest act of love we can show a student is to help introduce them to the One who created them by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to share Christ with students…

  • Connect with youth by spending time in their world, sports, youth organizations, youth group, school activities, neighborhood relationships, etc.
  • Learn how to ask questions and actively listen – Go to: org/cojourners
  • Learn how to explain the Gospel in a clear and simple way and help students grow in faith. Suggested resources:




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